Iraq Signs Contracts With Foreign Oil Companies

Barclays’ senior geopolitical strategist Helima Croft is heavily quoted in this piece about the potential for escalating Iraqi violence to negatively impact the country’s oil & gas industry. “If they could get the political and security situation under control, Iraq could have tremendous upside advantage for investors. It would be a fantastic growth story,” said Croft…“Oil is the main lifeline for this country. If you have anything that disrupts the oil story, it’s going to have huge effects for the rest of the economy.” [Fox Business] The latest flare up is occurring in Sunni-dominated Anbar province located in the west, while most of the country’s oil export infrastructure and its largest oil fields are located in Shiite-dominated southern Basrah region where it’s reportedly more difficult for Sunni militants to operate.

US Energy Secretary Moniz postponed his trip to India as diplomatic relations reached a low point amid fallout from the recent arrest of India’s deputy consul in New York. “I can confirm that Secretary Moniz is no longer traveling to India next week,” the official told Reuters. “We have been in conversation with Indian counterparts about the dates, and we have agreed to hold the dialogue in the near future at a mutually convenient date.” [Reuters]

New York’s latest energy plan reveals nothing about the state’s plans with regard to the future of fracking. “It’s ironic, however, that the metrics suggested in New York’s 2014 energy plan for improving energy affordability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing a more resilient and flexible grid are all made possible by the abundant supply of natural gas produced by Marcellus Shale development in neighboring states,” Karen Moreau, executive director of the state Petroleum Council said in an email. [Associated Press]