Last week was a tumultuous week for traders in oil markets as lingering doubts over the effectiveness that a production cut led by the nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was achieving the desired result of reducing global oil supply. The market has been saturated for over two years and some producers… Keep reading →

This week Australia’s government unveiled a proposed plan to limit the export of liquefied natural gas due to domestic price increases brought about by local shortages. This proposal was the result of two meetings between Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull, producers and the Australian Energy Market Operator discussing natural gas shortages. The plan known as… Keep reading →

Early this year, Toshiba made the strategic decision to divest from its Westinghouse nuclear power generator in America. Now, the Chinese company has decided that splitting into subsidiaries is the only way to protect its other businesses. The four subsidiaries will be (1) infrastructure (including water treatment and railways); (2) energy (including thermal and nuclear… Keep reading →

Axiom Energy started in its founder’s Amrit Robbins garage in 2014. Today, the firm has contracts with Whole Foods. The “refrigeration battery” system that the firm boasts is what has made it so attractive. The technology makes use of pre-existing refrigerators that the clients would already own to implement long-scale thermal energy storage solutions. The… Keep reading →

The United States and many other countries have been imposing economic sanctions on Russia since the superpower annexed the Crimea in 2014. These sanctions prohibit companies which do business in the United States or other participating countries from doing business in Russia. The energy giant Exxon Mobil Corp. sought a waiver from this prohibition which… Keep reading →

Last year some investors in the energy market took a beating when numerous U.S. oil shale producers filed for bankruptcy. However, those losses have not deterred investors from making massive new investments betting on the future of the oil shale industry. In the first three months of 2017 investors placed nearly $20 billion with private… Keep reading →

The state of Alaska, along with Alaskan government officials, are making major strides to ensure the approval of their LNG export project.  This week the government and energy officials involved submitted a formal application for review to the Federal Energy Regulation Commission.  Supporters of this extensive project will be patiently waiting for a response from… Keep reading →

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a statement that they believe the oil market is soon approaching equilibrium, mostly due to the success of the OPEC production deal. The agency’s data shows that demand is growing at a constant and regular pace in the oil market. “The numbers are there to support it,” according… Keep reading →

Arizona utilities have come to an agreement on the future of the operations at the Navajo Generating Station.  Their recent decision will result in the closing of the coal plant which has been a key energy source for the Central Arizona Project. The Central Arizona Project, which makes use of power to transport water to… Keep reading →

A new company is coming in hot with their energy storage technology, dependent on 900 degree Fahrenheit molten metals.  Ambri has developed a battery storage system that is relatively simple, developing reliable power and displaying rechargeable capabilities. This “hot” ticket item has caught the attention of some major, noteworthy investors including Bill Gates, Total, a… Keep reading →

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