This week, ExxonMobil and Chevron released quarterly results from Q1 2017. Both released numbers that topped consensus estimates. Some analysts have suggested the Exxon’s numbers can provide insight into the energy sector, as follows. As the world’s largest publically traded oil and gas company, ExxonMobil can say a lot about the oil economy as a… Keep reading →

Axiom Energy started in its founder’s Amrit Robbins garage in 2014. Today, the firm has contracts with Whole Foods. The “refrigeration battery” system that the firm boasts is what has made it so attractive. The technology makes use of pre-existing refrigerators that the clients would already own to implement long-scale thermal energy storage solutions. The… Keep reading →

One of the hottest genres of movies today are superhero franchises where larger than life characters appear on screen doing things well beyond the imagination of most people. The founders of Google are similar to these onscreen titans in many respects. They have more money than most people can easily comprehend, earned through their towering… Keep reading →

Trying to compare different types of energy storage is a bit like trying to compare the color green to the color blue. Here we take a stab at defining the market potential for long-duration energy storage and offer considerations for potential buyers of this new technology. According to a recent report “Beyond Four Hours: The… Keep reading →

The UK Government has triggered Article 50 and therefore has formally began its process of leaving the EU. Across the country there are mixed responses regarding the fallout of this political landmark event. What is certain is that there will be other effects of some form for the UK tech industry, whether or not these… Keep reading →

Businesses Speak out Against Proposed Energy-Efficiency Budget Cuts

The President’s budget template, which slashes the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 32% and eliminates voluntary programs, including the agency’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership and the ENERGY STAR program, has drawn wide criticism from businesses across the country. Businesses are speaking out on behalf of the CHP Partnership. More than 100 companies have… Keep reading →

Companies Push for Fair Energy Rates in Michigan, Minnesota

When a factory is more energy efficient, owners spend less money on heat and power, boosting profits and making the manufacturer more competitive. Unfortunately, industry efforts to improve their energy efficiency face significant barriers in states with unfair rates for what’s known as stand-by power. Many factories and other large facilities can benefit from installing… Keep reading →

The aftermath of a California energy disaster may have been the catalyst for energy storage project opportunities.  Powin Energy and Eaton have been able to complete a 2MW energy storage project in record time for the LA Basin area. The urgent need for greater energy storage in this area stemmed from a serious gas leak… Keep reading →

Last year some investors in the energy market took a beating when numerous U.S. oil shale producers filed for bankruptcy. However, those losses have not deterred investors from making massive new investments betting on the future of the oil shale industry. In the first three months of 2017 investors placed nearly $20 billion with private… Keep reading →

Minnesota now boasts the country’s first attempt to collectively source power from community solar gardens with municipal governments. The results were “modestly successful.” The difference between this program and others of a similar vein in other parts of the country comes down to cost savings. None have set out to invest in community solar with… Keep reading →

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