President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Today in Paris, President Obama and French President Hollande, along with a wide range of other top global leaders, will announce Mission Innovation, an initiative to dramatically accelerate public and private global clean energy innovation to address global climate change, provide affordable clean energy to consumers, including in the developing world, and create additional commercial opportunities… Keep reading →

G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit

To reap the benefits and avert the dangers of Moscow’s latest developments with Iran, Washington and Europe should adopt a strategy that allows them to cooperate on Syria and antiterrorism efforts, while continuing pressure on issues such as the Ukraine conflict and S-300 deliveries to Tehran. On November 23, Russian president Vladimir Putin opens a… Keep reading →


When operators pull oil out of the ground, it often comes up with copious amounts of natural gas.  This “associated gas” can be captured and brought to market, creating an additional revenue source for operators.  But if no gathering infrastructure or other methods of capture are deployed, operators either vent the gas to the atmosphere… Keep reading →

Energy & Environment Update – November 2015 #3

Washington Landmarks Begin To Re-Open As Government Shutdown Ends

With the November 20 deadline looming, Congress will focus much of this week on the surface transportation bill as House and Senate conferees try to quickly negotiate differences on H.R. 22 and enact the first multi-year highway authorization law since 2012.

U.S. Federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Following the horrific events that transpired in Paris last Friday evening, the world’s eyes have turned on the salient global threat of ISIS. The group’s rise to prominence has been well documented given their barbaric attacks on Westerners kidnapped in Iraq and Syria. They have also claimed responsibility for the bombing of a commercial Russian… Keep reading →

What Success Means For COP21

World Leaders Speak At UN Climate Summit

If you want to know what how a rational optimist defines success for COP21, take a look at Rob Stavins’s latest post.

Libya To Send Apology To United Nations

Iran has begun dismantling parts of its nuclear programme, according to the UN atomic watchdog. [The Guardian] Additional natural-gas pipeline capacity is not the best solution to meet the state’s longer-term energy demand needs, according to a study released by Massachusetts’ Attorney General Maura Healey’s office. [Lowell Sun] A bill is set to be introduced… Keep reading →

The US flag flies at half-staff above th

On October 30, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency submitted a draft final rule for review to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Air Force Aircraft & Personnel Depart For The Middle East

On November 4, Joby Warrick, Will McCants, and Aaron Zelin addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Warrick has covered national security, intelligence, and the Middle East for the Washington Post since 1996. McCants is a fellow at the Center for Middle East Policy and director of the Project on U.S. Relations with the… Keep reading →

Bicycle Taxi In Paris

Let’s start with a couple of charts that should frame the U.S. delegation’s approach the Paris climate summit in a couple of weeks. First, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), increased use of natural gas – part of the abundance produced by the American energy revolution – is a big reason… Keep reading →

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