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Harlem Globetrotters Tour 100th Floor Of One World Trade Center

Is your apartment so overheated in the winter that you need to leave your window open to feel comfortable? If that’s the case, you’re likely living in one of the many buildings in New York City lacking modern boiler controls which include indoor temperature sensors. Unlike single family homes, where indoor thermostats which control the… Keep reading →

Currents: Energy Industry Insights August 2018 #4

OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

Environmental activists have long recognized blocking new pipeline construction can be a more effective strategy for keeping fossil fuels in the ground

Harlem Globetrotters Tour 100th Floor Of One World Trade Center

Cities and states are taking the initiative to address climate change independently from the federal administration. With unique political contexts and environmental needs, each local authorities’ policies address specific climate challenges. California’s new landmark mandate, requiring solar panels on new home constructions, and New York’s ongoing Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative, illustrate just how different… Keep reading →

Inside The City Of London's New Landmark Skyscraper

Buildings are responsible for a third of harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution from U.S. electricity use, with that percentage rising dramatically in urban centers. Chicago is no exception: Buildings account for approximately 70 percent of the city’s GHG emissions. Moreover, many buildings use more energy than they need to, which is unnecessarily expensive and damaging to the environment. Although… Keep reading →

Sun Blankets New York City, Ahead Of Cold Front Returning Despite Start Of Spring

An epic battle is shaping up in New York City over a proposed natural gas pipeline expansion. On one side is a group of public housing tenants who lost heat during freezing temperatures this winter and really don’t want a repeat experience next winter. They’ve signed a letter supporting the Northeast Supply Enhancement project, which… Keep reading →

BOEM Renewable Energy Task Force Discusses Potential New Wind Energy Areas Offshore New York

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France

The BOEM convened the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force for the New York Bight to discuss BOEM’s draft Call for Information and Nominations.

2011 US Open - Day 13

How do we compensate those who add clean electricity to our shared power grid? This fundamental question has affected the rate at which the U.S. has adopted, deployed, and put into use clean, distributed energy resources such as energy efficiency, batteries, electric vehicles, and rooftop and community solar. At the core of our new distributed… Keep reading →

Sun Blankets New York City, Ahead Of Cold Front Returning Despite Start Of Spring

The New York City Council has an excellent environmental track record, and I’m pleased to say that most recently it has passed a group of bills tackling energy efficiency in buildings, adding to its stellar standing. Mayor Bill de Blasio this week signed a package of laws developed by the City Council that address energy… Keep reading →

NY Offshore Wind Lease Auction Set

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has issued a Final Sale Notice, setting December 15 as the date for auctioning the right to lease sites in federal waters off New York for commercial offshore wind development.

Crane Collapses On Apartment Building On Manhattan's Upper East Side

For New Yorkers wanting more clean, distributed energy, the recent Con Edison rate case offers some good news. Presented to New York’s Public Service Commission (NYPSC), which regulates utilities in the state, a rate case is a process utilities use to adjust policies and set rates charged to customers. A rate case occurs once every… Keep reading →

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