Historic Drought Cripples Farms And Ranches In American West

Like something out of a Bacigalupi novel, a crop disease that attacks corn – known as Goss’s wilt – is blighting crops across the US. While bioengineered seeds are believed to be the main culprit, crop rotation helps limit the disease’s ability to spread, but demand for corn used in ethanol production disincentivizes such rotation. [New York Times]

Mo EVs, Mo problems. According to a new UC Davis study, electric car charging etiquette is desperately needed in places like California where more people are using public charging stations. [Fuel Fix]

Russia announced an oil extraction tax cut in a bid to encourage companies to explore for oil in complex offshore locations. Western Siberian reserves – long Russia’s oil production mainstay – are in terminal decline and the country’s long-term oil export hopes hinge on accessing new supply sources. Looks like ExxonMobil may have tied up with Rosneft at a very convenient time. [Reuters]