EV Charging Stations

Bay Area Plans Major Expansion Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

It wasn’t a huge year for electric-vehicle sales in the United States, but 2014 did bring some shifts in where EVs made their presence felt most, with Atlanta and Denver climbing onto a new “Top 10 EV-Friendly Metropolitan Areas” list from the big charging network company ChargePoint. According to sales tracker InsideEVs.com, Americans bought 119,710 EVs… Keep reading →

Detroit Hosts Flagship North American International Auto Show

Power utilities are starting to get into the EV charging business. Utilities are motivated to make electric cars viable and in doing so shore up demand for the power they sell. Growth of EVs has been hampered by a lack of charging infrastructure. Despite efforts by the EV industry and numerous partners, the development of… Keep reading →

Meeting of Vladimir Putin with Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi

Here’s an interesting look at the peculiar personalities that often accompany top leadership in major oil producing countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela. “If oil is a factor in the petrostate personality, one might ask whether we might see some change in the leaders, since oil prices have tanked by about 40% in the last… Keep reading →

Fed Chairman Says Natural Gas Prices Will Rise 30 Percent

The future of carbon-dioxide enhanced oil recovery looks mixed, with the US unconventional resource boom potentially limiting growth CO2-EOR growth. “The shale (tight) oil revolution is an under-discussed threat to CO2 EOR prospects. The table below shows the 15 largest CO2 EOR producers in North America ranked alongside the 15 largest spenders in the shale… Keep reading →

Ben Tesla

It was finally time to prove the concept.  If you can drive your electric vehicle (EV) not just around the corner, but also a thousand miles down the highway to south Florida in one day, then I think you’ve proven you really don’t need petroleum any more.  Here’s how it went.  (Well, you may not… Keep reading →

Bay Area Plans Major Expansion Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As people purchase, drive and need to charge more electric cars a new area of social etiquette is emerging. EV drivers increasingly face uncharted territory when plugging into public charging facilities. Amy Myers Jaffe covered the issue in a recent article: US Davis ITS researchers Nicolette Caperello, Ken Kurani, and Jennifer TyreeHageman found that EV… Keep reading →

Telsa Motors Opens New "Supercharger" Station In Fremont, California

Fueled by technological innovation and favorable state policies, the plug-in electric vehicle market surged in 2013, with year-over-year sales increasing 83%. In its first full year on the market, Tesla Motors reported global Model S sales of 22,300 units for 2013. Most recently, Tesla beat fourth quarter sales estimates of under 6,000 by delivering 6,900… Keep reading →

Historic Drought Cripples Farms And Ranches In American West

Like something out of a Bacigalupi novel, a crop disease that attacks corn – known as Goss’s wilt – is blighting crops across the US. While bioengineered seeds are believed to be the main culprit, crop rotation helps limit the disease’s ability to spread, but demand for corn used in ethanol production disincentivizes such rotation.… Keep reading →

Telsa Motors Opens New "Supercharger" Station In Fremont, California

Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington is home to great basketball, and also to the prodigal son, now a history professor, and dear old friends, John and Carole Clark.  IU is a 650-mile drive from Bethesda, Maryland, mostly on Interstate 70 – that’s one long day on the road each way, or maybe a more civilized… Keep reading →