Yukos Oil and Gas Company

Rosneft and CNPC signed a memorandum of understanding covering joint development of Eastern Siberian oil and gas resources. The Kremlin has been reluctant to supply its increasingly powerful neighbor for years and the two sides have continuously haggled over natural gas prices, but as Europe increasingly seeks to reduce its Russian energy reliance and large… Keep reading →

Historic Drought Cripples Farms And Ranches In American West

Like something out of a Bacigalupi novel, a crop disease that attacks corn – known as Goss’s wilt – is blighting crops across the US. While bioengineered seeds are believed to be the main culprit, crop rotation helps limit the disease’s ability to spread, but demand for corn used in ethanol production disincentivizes such rotation.… Keep reading →

Yukos Oil and Gas Company

There may be a shale oil deposit in Russia’s Siberian region larger than the Bakken. Exxon Mobil is investigating and oil service firms are “shipping equipment, technology and drilling crews from the Bakken and the Eagle Ford in Texas to Siberia, in what is becoming a full-scale west-east technology transfer.” [Financial Times] The Sudanese government… Keep reading →