Video: Finnish Wind Energy Secrets

on May 24, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Finnish engineers are making quite a splash in wind energy these days, and The Switch, a company with a name that sounds like a local band or a political thriller novel, is leading those efforts.

The company has a number of new projects it is bringing to the wind energy market, some of them focused on the offshore wind industry. Offshore wind is finally and slowly entering the project proposal phase after years of vague suggestions, with New Jersey joining Massachusetts this month in promoting offshore wind.

In this video, The Switch’s employees discuss permanent magnet generators in wind turbines. It seems as though there is always more to learn in discussing wind energy components; after last week’s “What Is A Nacelle?” video, we’re learning more and more about the companies that create these components and what the components actually do.

Breaking Energy also wrote about The Switch’s new contract with Chinese wind firm Goldwind.