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Early this year, Toshiba made the strategic decision to divest from its Westinghouse nuclear power generator in America. Now, the Chinese company has decided that splitting into subsidiaries is the only way to protect its other businesses. The four subsidiaries will be (1) infrastructure (including water treatment and railways); (2) energy (including thermal and nuclear… Keep reading →

Axiom Energy started in its founder’s Amrit Robbins garage in 2014. Today, the firm has contracts with Whole Foods. The “refrigeration battery” system that the firm boasts is what has made it so attractive. The technology makes use of pre-existing refrigerators that the clients would already own to implement long-scale thermal energy storage solutions. The… Keep reading →

One of the hottest genres of movies today are superhero franchises where larger than life characters appear on screen doing things well beyond the imagination of most people. The founders of Google are similar to these onscreen titans in many respects. They have more money than most people can easily comprehend, earned through their towering… Keep reading →

Last year some investors in the energy market took a beating when numerous U.S. oil shale producers filed for bankruptcy. However, those losses have not deterred investors from making massive new investments betting on the future of the oil shale industry. In the first three months of 2017 investors placed nearly $20 billion with private… Keep reading →

Colorado may have found an interesting solution to the stranded assets that are relics of the transition to clean energy. Two Democratic lawmakers have proposed measures that would create ratepayer-backed, AAA rated, commercial bonds. These securities would be used by utilities to refinance retiring coal plants, of which there are many. The savings would be… Keep reading →

Across the smart grid vendor landscape, one country in particular seems to be at the top of everyone’s minds: India. Mirroring much of the developed world, India is in the middle of fundamentally transforming its electric power system to adopt a smart grid framework. Plagued by inefficiencies across the network and faced with new and… Keep reading →

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation better known as SpaceX was founded just 15 years ago by Elon Musk, the world famous entrepreneur and genius behind other notable ventures such as Tesla Motors, Solar City and others. The aerospace manufacturer and space transport company was started with modest goals such as reducing space transportation cost and enabling… Keep reading →

The General Assembly of Maryland just passed a bill that would provide a 30% tax credit to those who chose to utilize energy storage technology, making it the first state in the country to pass such legislation. The funds provided by the bill would last from 2018 to 2022. The bill includes a cap of… Keep reading →

An analyst from Barclay’s, Brian Johnson, has recently published a lengthy research document to support his bearish stance on Tesla stock. According to him, there are several factors that Tesla investors will often cite to justify their investment decision – however, Johnson believes that these factors are more reflective of the reality for Tesla. One… Keep reading →

Cities Will Continue To Lead Us Towards 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

From civil rights to marriage equality, cities have long held a tradition of raising ambition and setting the course to advance bold solutions for national change. Today, as climate change jeopardizes our coastlines and water supplies, and as fossil fuels pollute our air, making people sick, cities are forging ahead to build a new energy… Keep reading →

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