FERC Wants To Open Up Energy Markets To Distributed Energy

California Faces Continued Energy Woes

On November 17, the FERC released a new rule proposal that could help push U.S. energy markets to adopt energy storage systems at a faster pace by allowing distributed energy resources.

Renewable Energy Update – March 2018

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France

A new report last week by the London-based environmental group CDP finds that more than 100 cities worldwide now get the majority of their power—70 percent or more—from renewables.

Climate Protection - Photo Illustrations

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission voted to require all Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators to revise its tariffs

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

Late last week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an important Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order, giving the agency a big win and aiding in the promise of a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient power grid. By upholding FERC’s Order 1000, the court confirmed what many think is common sense: Because the power grid crosses state and… Keep reading →

When it comes to energy and politics, the United States is not what it appears. Deregulation of the power markets is one example. Some regions of the nation have developed robust power markets. Others regions do not and they don’t want it.

The regionalization of the power markets means there is no such thing as a national grid. According to The ISO/RTO Council, the United States has seven formalized power markets and vast regions where no markets exist at all. Approximately two-thirds of US consumers are served by the seven deregulated power markets. The objective of these markets is to provide buyers and sellers price discovery, liquidity, and non-discriminatory access to wholesale power. Keep reading →