Republican Presidential Candidates Debate On Economy In New Hampshire

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has issued the following statement on the passing of FERC Commissioner Kevin McIntyre: “I am very saddened to hear the news of Commissioner McIntyre’s passing. After an impressive career in the legal world Kevin answered the President’s call to serve as the Chairman of FERC, and… Keep reading →

German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needs

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives recently passed legislation regarding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the proposed Spire STL Pipeline. Blessings for the controversial 66-mile project come even though St. Louis already enjoys excess capacity from other pipelines, and despite the fact that the only customer of the pipeline, Spire Missouri, does not actually have any growth in customer demand. It is estimated… Keep reading →

California Power Grid Strained By Heat Wave

FERC has issued an otherwise routine order in AEP Energy Partners, Inc.

FERC Commissioner Rob Powelson Announces Departure

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France

Last week, Commissioner Rob Powelson announced that he will be leaving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in mid-August to become the President and CEO of the National Association of Water Companies.

Duke Energy Buys Progress Energy In $13 Billion Deal

FERC has approved a settlement between its Office of Enforcement and Duke Energy Corporation

Energy Storage To Benefit From FERC’s Recent Large Generator Interconnection Reforms

California Power Grid Strained By Heat Wave

Driven in part by “low natural gas prices, technological advances, and federal and state policies,” the rapid rate of new energy projects seeking interconnection has caused a variety of concerns since FERC’s last major large generator interconnection reforms

FERC Wants To Open Up Energy Markets To Distributed Energy

California Faces Continued Energy Woes

On November 17, the FERC released a new rule proposal that could help push U.S. energy markets to adopt energy storage systems at a faster pace by allowing distributed energy resources.


Don McGahn Wants Out, But Trump Won’t Let Him Leave Yet Above The Law

California Court Body Has Paid $500K To Settle Sex Claims How Appealing

Some Overdue Observations From HIMSS MedCity News

Mick Mulvaney Probably Thought He Had Nothing To Lose Reputation Wise – Enter Donald Trump Dealbreaker

FERC Takes Major Action On Tax Matters

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France

FERC issued several far-reaching items related to the tax allowance that is permitted to be included in the jurisdictional rates of natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines and electric transmission companies.

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