Smart Grid

Africa’s first utility-scale battery storage installation has been agreed upon this week thanks to the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and Obama’s Power Africa Initiative.   $1.1 million were set aside for an upcoming solar energy storage facility in Kenya.  The funds are being allocated to Xago Africa, a company known for the development of… Keep reading →

San Diego Gas and Electric has recently entered into contracts for five battery storage projects, which in total will provide 83.5 megawatts. California’s new energy storage mandate has helped inspire the motivation behind this new undertaking. The amount of energy provided by these projects is comparable to having over 5,000 all-electric long-range vehicles at your… Keep reading →

Microgrids are one of the hottest trends in energy recently, so much so that many have been speculated as the future for the country in which microgrids are supplying everyone with clean energy. Microgrids, however, should not necessarily be associated with clean energy. In fact, many microgrids actually rely on fossil fuels. As per usual,… Keep reading →

The media has often pursued the narrative that wind and solar energy have reached grid parity – meaning the cost of electricity sourced from these renewable technologies is as cheap or cheaper than traditional electricity from the grid. However, a recent article published by Forbes writes that this is misleading – there are a number… Keep reading →

Storms Ending Plum Rain Season In Shanghai

The Internet of Things (IoT) – the concept that all devices that can be connected will be connected – is starting to take root in cities in various parts of the globe. IoT is being used to better manage energy, water, transportation and safety – but what exactly does this look like in first-adopter cities?… Keep reading →

Storms Ending Plum Rain Season In Shanghai

Cities across the globe have followed multiple tracks in their quest to become “smart.” It isn’t a question of right or wrong. However, two key themes are emerging in their approach – either start with a pilot project that produces quick results, or undertake a comprehensive master plan that strategically lays out the coming years… Keep reading →

A Sunny Future For Utility-Scale Solar

solar installation

Utility-scale solar and distributed solar both have an important role to play in reducing greenhouse emissions, and both have made great strides in the past year. Utility-scale solar, the focus of this article, is reaching “grid parity” (i.e., cost equivalency) with traditional generation in more areas across the country.  And solar received a major boost… Keep reading →

California Power Grid Strained By Heat Wave

Not too long ago, making and selling your own electricity via rooftop solar was a novelty. Today, with 784,000 homes and businesses in the United States already on solar, such transactions are taking place every day in 44 states. Now comes Bring Your Own Battery (BYOB), the latest technology trend to disrupt the utility business… Keep reading →

Electricity Bill Across The Country Rise On Record Fuel Costs

A survey released this month by a top management consulting firm found that 80 percent of the companies polled – including Apple, Google and Tesla – rank innovation among their top three strategic priorities. Unfortunately, the nation’s utility sector seems to be behind the curve when it comes to embracing this idea. Utility companies invested… Keep reading →


November is National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, a time during which we “rededicate ourselves to safeguarding our infrastructure,” as President Obama said. At the Energy Department, the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) works diligently with private and public partners to help ensure the nation’s power grid is reliable, resilient and secure… Keep reading →

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