Can Blockchain Unlock A Sustainable Future?

Sun Blankets New York City, Ahead Of Cold Front Returning Despite Start Of Spring

Blockchain – a really high-tech “spreadsheet” or ledger used to record transactions securely – offers exciting potential for clean energy. With the rapid rise of distributed energy technologies — such as rooftop solar, batteries, smart energy devices, and electric vehicles — some analysts believe the market for blockchain applications in the energy sector is many times larger than it is… Keep reading →

Germany Expands Its Electricity Grid

Modernizing power delivery – particularly in a time of rapidly expanding populations and rising costs of a reliable power supply – encompasses more than replacing old components with new. The investments will need to address integration of larger shares of renewable energy while delivering on higher levels of reliability and resilience that are demanded by… Keep reading →

NREL Microgrid testing (1)

Localized power grids that have the ability to disconnect from the main, centralized grid – known as microgrids – have become one of the electricity industry’s latest darlings. Particularly after Hurricane Sandy knocked out electric generators and wires along the Northeast coast in 2012, urban and utility planners have been devising localized grids that can… Keep reading →

Bedouins Of The Negev Desert

The Paris climate negotiations can set the stage for a global shift on climate change – when our world’s emissions finally stop rising, level off, and begin to fall. There is reason to be optimistic: from China to the United States, from Europe to South Asia, countries are coming together with commitments to cut climate… Keep reading →


November is National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, a time during which we “rededicate ourselves to safeguarding our infrastructure,” as President Obama said. At the Energy Department, the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) works diligently with private and public partners to help ensure the nation’s power grid is reliable, resilient and secure… Keep reading →

How Microgrids Work

NREL Microgrid testing (1)

This week we’re celebrating the launch of a new series on Energy.gov: How Energy Works. Join us today on Twitter at 2 p.m. ET for our How Energy Works live Q&A answering everything you want to know about microgrids. Use #HowEnergyWorks to submit questions and follow the live discussion. WHAT IS A MICROGRID? A microgrid… Keep reading →

Burbo Bank Wind Farm Now Fully Operational

Last week, Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus Inc, a software solutions and management services company for energy investors, was in New York to discuss the current state of renewable energy industries at the 12th Annual REFF-Wall Street Conference. Their Energy Investment Management (EIM) software has processed over 50 GW of renewable energy power at the utility, commercial and residential scale. He… Keep reading →

California Faces Continued Energy Woes

As can be gleaned from recent reports in the popular and trade press, activity is swirling around energy storage systems, highlighted by Tesla’s April 30 announcement of its “Powerwall” residential energy backup system. “The development of economic, reliable energy storage systems is the missing link in the deployment of renewable energy, and in particular solar… Keep reading →

smart meter

At Tuesday’s New York Energy Week Smart Grid Roundtable discussion, experts from various perspectives talked about how smart metering and new data sources are changing power grid operations, customer engagement and revenue structures. Price signals are key to altering customer behavior with regard to energy consumption, but a smart meter alone may not be enough… Keep reading →


‘Disruptive’ is a favorite word among entrepreneurs and innovators, but start-up companies like Airbnb and Uber truly have disrupted long-standing industries over the past few years. Beyond their youth and success, what further links these two companies as well as many others (such as Teespring, Postmates, Patreon, and Verbling), is the way they empower people.… Keep reading →

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