Battle Looms For Coastal Wetland In Southern California

Today the US Energy Information Administration slashed its 2015 oil price forecasts, but the statistical arm of the DOE still expects total oil output to increase to volumes not seen since 1972. As we reported last week, it will take some time before current lower oil price levels manifest in lower US oil production volumes.… Keep reading →

The EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog Limit

The claims and counterclaims about EPA’s proposed carbon pollution standards have filled the air: It will boost nuclear. It will expand renewables. It promotes energy efficiency. It will kill coal. It changes everything. It accomplishes almost nothing. Evaluating the impact of the so-called Clean Power Plan requires a clear view of how the new rule will work.… Keep reading →

Baiji North Refinery Complex

All eyes have been on risks to Iraq’s continued ability to supply world markets with oil, but power generation is critical to keeping regional populations calm and facilitating oil industry operations. The violently-contested Baiji refinery supplies refined products to the domestic market, but there is also a 1,320 MW power plant nearby that supplies 10%… Keep reading →

Hot Weather Puts California Power Grid On Alert

Quick Take:  We’ve talked a lot about the dangers utilities face if they ignore disruptive technologies such as solar + storage. Here’s another challenge. They could end up paying more for the cost of capital. Some analysts think utilities are blind to the coming realities and they are warning investors to stay away. – Jesse Berst  Barclays… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The issue of exporting US crude oil – essentially banned since the 1970’s energy crisis – is gaining steam, as US domestic oil production volumes increase to levels few thought possible just a few years ago. Amid this environment of surging incremental production, certain high-profile industry and high-ranking government officials soften to the idea of… Keep reading →

Endangered Blue Whales Spotted Off California Coast

Rising oil output in the US has already begun to alter the traditional price relationship between US and international crudes, and continued production growth could lead to a domestic glut of certain grades, adding to pressure to lift restrictions on crude exports. The stunning turnaround in the US’ oil fortunes has made plenty of headlines,… Keep reading →

Oil Prices Hit Historic High On Weak Dollar

While next year’s oil prices may be lower than this year’s, a sharp downturn in prices is not in the cards in 2014, according to Barclays analysts. “The oil market is in the midst of a turning point for fundamentals,” wrote Barclays analysts in a note to clients today. Non-Opec supply growth will exceed global… Keep reading →

Crude Oil Carrier Hijacked By Somali Pirates

The possibility of a rapprochement in nuclear talks between the US and Iran – though they did not produce a deal – had fueled a degree of oil market optimism about Iran’s reinstatement as a global oil supplier. But even if negotiations had proved successful, political and logistical hurdles would likely have stalled any significant return… Keep reading →

NATO Summit Lisbon 2010 - Day 2

Canadian security agencies have been briefing representatives of energy companies who have obtained high-level security clearances, according to freedom of information documents obtained by the Guardian. “Meetings were officially billed to discuss ‘threats’ to energy infrastructure but also covered ‘challenges to energy projects from environmental groups’, ‘cyber security initiatives’ and ‘economic and corporate espionage’.” [Guardian]… Keep reading →

Arrival of Heads of Delegations for G20 Leaders Summit

Domestic Saudi Arabian oil consumption increasingly cuts into oil exports, reducing the valuable revenue those exported barrels provide, which funds the country’s current account surplus. Subsidized domestic prices incentivize direct burning crude to generate power needed to cool a growing Saudi population. As the Kingdom shifts more to natural gas for power generation – freeing… Keep reading →

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