Mount Sinabung Continues To Erupt As People Return To Their Villages

Scientists had been attempting to explain why climate change appeared to slow after 1998 and a new study suggests major volcanic eruptions could have played an important role in the trend. “Powerful volcanic eruptions send small sulphur droplets, or aerosols, high into the atmosphere where they act as a mirror to reflect the sun’s rays and prevent them warming the ground.” [The Independent]

US Secretary of State John Kerry is getting pressured from the energy industry, environmental community and political forces over the Keystone XL Pipeline. The newly-created Senate Climate Action Task Force and powerful trade group American Petroleum Institute sent letters to the secretary this week pressing their views on the controversial oil infrastructure project. [National Journal]

A New York Times editorial written by Adm. Dennis C. Blair, a former director of National Intelligence and former commander in chief of the United States Pacific Command, and Gen. Michael W. Hagee, the 33rd commandant of the United States Marine Corps, argues US oil consumption in the transport sector should be drastically scaled back to increase energy and economic security. “Don’t be fooled: Despite advances in energy and automotive technologies, we remain as vulnerable as ever. Since 1973, our transportation sector’s reliance on oil has dropped by just 3 percent, to 93 percent from 96 percent.” [New York Times]




  • Diogenes60025

    This is one of many lame excuses for the cessation in warming. But we are near the point where we can put such tortured arguments behind us. The hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming will soon be definitively falsified, beyond the reach of utopian rhetoric.

    When ambient carbon dioxide decreases or remains the same while CO2 emissions continue to rise, it will be obvious that “climatologists” (whatever THOSE are) were wrong.

    • Scientist5

      Yes, obvious to those who discount scientific facts.

      • Diogenes60025

        To what “facts” do you refer?

  • Scientist5

    LARGE volcanic eruptions have always affected climate – they tend to bring on cooling and aridity. Of course, this is far beyond the comprehension level of Kerry and Gore. The 5 major mass extinctions in the Earth’s history are linked to the cooling of the climate which brought on aridity. These coupled together result in less vegetation and therefor starvation of the vegetarians, then lastly the scavengers and meat eaters have no food. Believe it or not – mass extinctions follow..
    LESSON: man must learn how to adjust to the planet’s climate cycles.