Businesses Speak out Against Proposed Energy-Efficiency Budget Cuts

The President’s budget template, which slashes the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 32% and eliminates voluntary programs, including the agency’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership and the ENERGY STAR program, has drawn wide criticism from businesses across the country. Businesses are speaking out on behalf of the CHP Partnership. More than 100 companies have… Keep reading →

A recent op-ed published on CNBC provides an interesting commentary on the future of American clean energy. According to the authors, Americans, independent of political affiliation, support and value the environment and clean energy. Polling data provides evidence that both conservative and liberal respondents alike eagerly support government funded renewable technology, energy efficiency, and natural… Keep reading →

The growing prevalence of climate change related extreme weather events in countries around the world closely matches what was is being predicted by climate scientists. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Meteorological Association, and other groups have documented global warming trends. We know for a fact that the world is getting warmer… Keep reading →

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order effectively terminating the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, in keeping with a campaign promise to undo overburdening regulations slowly killing carbon-based jobs across the country. This rule was not without contention, however. Even the Supreme Court blocked the rule from implementation in 2016 after dozens of states voiced… Keep reading →

China has an innovation in the jet-fuel industry – waste kitchen oil from restaurants will be used to mass- produce jet fuel. While this technology may seem like something out of The Jetsons, it is one step closer to reality. Next year, a major state-owned refiner will begin construction on a production plant for these… Keep reading →

A breakthrough in the renewable energy industry may hold the solution to eliminating carbon emissions, while also creating new sources of clean energy. The potential revelation comes from scientists working in China and the United States in the form of a system that recaptures carbon-dioxide pollution for use in a storage system. Energy storage has… Keep reading →

Two explosive growth markets are renewable energy (RE) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and both play a crucial role in creating value. The emphasis on how software and analytics can drive energy savings along with renewable energy and energy conservation measures (ECM) will be examined.  Companies, like Arkados, exist that operate in the solar (through its recently announced acquisition of SolBright Renewable Energy), LED lighting, and IoT markets.

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Internationally, nations are increasingly focused on easing their dependence on oil and natural gas for the things their inhabitants use the most: cars. However, upon investigation, it was found that Germany’s early plan of having all cars be electric in the coming years may actually have an adverse affect by creating even more pollution and emissions. In an… Keep reading →

What Is The Future Of Emissions Trading?

Oil Prices Fall To Lowest Level In Four Months

The impact of increasing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities has driven innovation in market-based solutions, technology development and international law.

pope francis

It looks like those who dispute the necessity for action on climate change will now have to take on one of the world’s most popular figures: Pope Francis.  “Humanity is called to take note of the need for changes in lifestyle and changes in methods of production and consumption to combat this warming, or at… Keep reading →

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