New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Gives Annual State Of State Address

New York Governor Cuomo yesterday announced awards totaling $4.3 million to 17 businesses that are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation while increasing energy efficiency. “Transportation is responsible for three-fourths of the State’s fossil fuel use and 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1996, NYSERDA has provided $93 million to 246 businesses performing… Keep reading →

Air Pollution In Beijing

It’s common knowledge that the air in China is bad. After all, the country uses 50% of the world’s coal. But just how bad the air is – is it unhealthy or lightly polluted? – is more than just semantics. It’s been the source of debate and controversy between the US and Chinese governments. In… Keep reading →

Toyota Announces Prius Recall Due To Brake Issue

Most consumers have pre-conceived notions about hybrid cars. They think they’re expensive go-carts driven by smug vegans on their way to Whole Foods. However, hybrid cars are starting to evolve. They’re becoming faster, cheaper, and more stylish. Let’s debunk a few myths in hopes of improving their reputation. Myth #1: Hybrid Cars Don’t Have the… Keep reading →

Waste Fuels Energy Production In Incinerator Plant

A competitive marketplace is the sowing field for innovation and investment. Look no further than the advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling that launched America’s ongoing shale energy revolution. Shale development features cutting-edge technology to increase output and efficiency and to make operations as safe and clean as possible. An example of this can be… Keep reading →

Germany Invests Heavily In Solar Energy

Most people do not typically associate Minnesota with abundant sunshine, but after a landmark decision by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) yesterday the sun is definitely shining on this snow-swept state. The PUC established the first statewide program to fairly value investments in rooftop solar electricity generation. I listened to a portion of the public meeting and… Keep reading →

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

We’ve increasingly seen celebrities voice their views on energy-related issues and recent Academy Award winner Jared Leto just joined the crowd when he signed an open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to recommend Keystone XL pipeline permit disapproval to President Obama. The dramatic letter compares Kerry’s Keystone decision to his 1971… Keep reading →


Everyone knows that if you want your kids to grow up strong and healthy, they need to eat their vegetables. But as any parent knows, it’s easier said than done. That’s why in my house, there is a rule: you can’t have any dessert until you eat your vegetables. Now, of course, my kids like… Keep reading →

Beijing Enveloped In Heavy Smog

EPA’s new, stricter rule requiring refiners to remove the last bit of sulfur from gasoline very likely will impact consumers and put additional drag on the economy while providing, at best, negligible benefit. The agency’s Tier 3 rule is a prime example of an unreasonable regulatory reach – one that studies have shown will increase… Keep reading →

Mayor Gavin Newsom Announces "Green Cab Milestone"

When you’re talking about trends, it’s usually the major cities in the U.S. that create them. From there, the smaller towns around the major city adopt the trend and it continues to spread onward. The green movement has done just that, with cities being the first to implement recycling programs and finding sustainable solutions to… Keep reading →

One World Trade Center Deemed Tallest Building In North America

Buildings account for 40% of our nation’s electricity use. In 2012, power plants spewed about 2 gigatons of global warming pollution into our air, which was about one-third of total U.S. emissions. That’s why EDF and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) teamed up to launch the Demand Response Partnership Program (DRPP) aimed at increasing the participation from commercial buildings… Keep reading →

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