Neurath Power Plant Rated Germany's Biggest CO2 Emitter

Germany, the UK and Poland have the dirtiest coal plants in the EU, where the share of coal in power generation is currently around 25%. The IEA says EU coal-fired generation needs to be below 4% by 2035 to combat climate change. Germany exported a record amount of power in 2013 as it generated more… Keep reading →

California Adopts Sweeping Plan To Combat Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Department of Energy Supported Project Will Capture 1.4 Million Tons of CO2 Annually Washington, D.C.  — Today, the Department of Energy – in partnership with NRG Energy Inc. and JX Nippon – announced that construction has begun on the first commercial-scale post-combustion carbon capture retrofit project in the U.S., the largest such project in the world. The Petra… Keep reading →

General Views Of Hazelwood Power Station

On June 23, the new Australian Government lead by Prime Minister Tony Abbott reintroduced a package of bills to repeal the Australian carbon tax. Dismantling the predecessor government’s carbon laws – including the Climate Change Authority and the mining tax – is regarded a top priority by PM Abbott and, therefore, has been placed on… Keep reading →

California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

Breaking Energy was honored to be included in the recent North American Student Energy Summit held in New York City. Author and environmental activist Bill Hewitt and Breaking Energy’s Managing Editor Jared Anderson helped out with the Role of Media in Energy interactive breakout session in which students formulated blog posts about an important energy… Keep reading →

Stephane Rolland : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture S/S 2014

In a global carbon emissions context, the Keystone XL pipeline is a drop in the bucket. The greenhouse gas emissions generated from developing Canada’s oil sands – 6.8% of total 2010 Canadian GHG emissions – are one piece of a very large global climate puzzle. Tailpipe and power plant emissions are far greater sources of GHG’s. And… Keep reading →

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

New America got 5 leading energy observers to share their views on EPA’s existing power plant rule – Andrew Revkin, writer of the New York Times’ Dot Earth Blog; Sharon Burke, Senior Advisor, New America’s International Security Program; Russell Gold, Senior Energy Reporter at the Wall Street Journal; Steve LeVine, Washington Correspondent, Quartz; Dan Sarewitz, Professor of Science and… Keep reading →

Report Places Los Angeles At Top Of List For City With Worst Traffic And Smog

When EPA proposed tightening the national ozone standards a few years ago, President Obama told the agency to stand down. The existing standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) wasn’t due for review, and there was concern stricter standards might harm the economy. It’s a concern that hasn’t diminished as the agency starts regular review of… Keep reading →

Deadline Approaches For Grangemouth Dispute

On May 13, EDF—along with a coalition of 64 local, state, and national public interest groups—submitted a petition asking the Environmental Protection Agency to address toxic air pollution emitted from oil and natural gas operations in population centers around the country. Earthjustice crafted the petition which focuses on a provision of the Clean Air Act. It authorizes EPA… Keep reading →

High Gas Prices Prompt Bush's Decision To Lift Ban On Offshore Oil Drilling

EPA’s proposed update for petroleum refinery emission standards includes benzene concentration monitoring for the first time. On May 15, 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposed rule updating toxic air pollution standards for petroleum refineries located near neighborhoods.  It is the first EPA proposal requiring monitoring of air concentrations for benzene around fence… Keep reading →

Wincono Wind Farm In Larnaca Cyprus

The monthly Energy Infrastructure Update from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has become a favorite of renewable energy advocates the past few years, often showing a large proportion – and sometimes virtually all – of new electrical generation capacity coming from renewables. There wasn’t much to crow about in April, however, and one-third of… Keep reading →

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