China Energy Saving, Emissions Reduction and New Energy Science & Technology Expo

Chinese renewable energy entrepreneur Li Hejun has officially become a billionaire, thanks to a sharp rise in the market value of his company, Hanergy Solar Group. “Solar energy entrepreneurs and investors in China have been upbeat about the industry’s prospects after the government recently announced higher-than-expected prices will be paid for solar power.” [Forbes]

The US Senate is preparing a bill that would seek to promote greater energy efficiency, in part by going after some of the low-hanging fruit. “The federal government is the largest single user of energy in the world; the bill would require it to conserve by, for example, consolidating its energy-guzzling data centers.”  [Washington Post]

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, will meet with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz in Washington, DC today, one of many recent visits to the US in the interest of advancing discussions on the Keystone XL pipeline. “Moniz is a key voice in President Obama’s energy and environmental team,” and “the final decision is expected to come from the West Wing”. [The Hill]