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A recent report from the advocacy group Environment America said U.S. solar power capacity would need to grow at an annual rate of 22 percent in order for solar to provide 10 percent of the nation’s electricity in 2030, from less than 1 percent now. So far, so good. Fresh industry data shows 1,354 megawatts of… Keep reading →

Schwarzenegger Tours Solar Panel Roof Of A Sam's Club

Climate hawks threw a punch at Walmart early Thursday afternoon – and before the day was over, the global retail behemoth had jabbed back. Sort of. Or so it might have appeared. The Institute for Local Self Reliance, with enviro heavyweights like founder Bill McKibben and Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune at its… Keep reading →

U.S. Government Releases Over $5 Billion In Aid For Home Heating Bills

Does it cost a fortune to heat your home? If you said yes, it’s worth noting that there are cheaper options. Check out these different ways to heat your home and how to go about installing these options. Natural Gas Furnace A natural gas furnace is a great alternative to oil furnaces. In fact, when… Keep reading →

Daily In Life In Dubai

Did you know these iconic structures around the world installed solar panels? The following graphic details some of the world’s most famous solar-adorned architecture. Infographic courtesy of Half Price Shutters.

Group F Brazil v Croatia - World Cup 2006

It appears investors were so eager to dip their toes in Brazil’s solar power market they were willing to compromise on total investment returns. The auctions held on Halloween resulted in the award of 890 MW of capacity. Prior to the Brazilian auctions, the world’s lowest unsubsidized solar contracts were reportedly found in Uruguay at… Keep reading →

Work Crew Installs Solar Power Panels In Santa Monica

From a rooftop in sunny California, a Breaking Energy writer learns about the need for a national solar policy targeting low-income families. The sun was rising quickly as I drove down I-580 to a part of Oakland that has yet to attract a significant influx of Silicon Valley’s high-tech workers and the gentrification that follows. … Keep reading →

Biggest Solar Photovoltaic Power Station In Northwest China Under Construction In Xining

Long doubted in many quarters as a competitor with conventional sources – and even with wind power – U.S. government scientists say new research shows that solar is making up ground, both at utility scale and on rooftops. For example: “The price of electricity sold to utilities under long term contracts from large-scale solar power… Keep reading →

The South West's First Solar Farm Is Connected

Big solar is winning. There are tens of millions of rooftops throughout the United States – on homes and businesses alike – where solar power could be saving electricity consumers money and reducing their carbon footprint, all the while avoiding the environmental conflicts that big solar increasingly finds itself enmeshed in. Yet projects over 1… Keep reading →

Soldiers Guard Hiditha Dam As It Undergoes Repairs

Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga forces and Iraq military personnel reportedly took control of a key dam in the northern part of the country. The dam that supplies water and 1 GW of electricity to local populations had been seized by Islamic State militants. There were still conflicting reports Monday morning about which side controlled the strategic… Keep reading →

Massive Solar Electricity Plant Provides Power To California Homes

Renewable energy companies in the United States might lose a friend in the coming months. Conservative Republicans are trying to kill the Export-Import Bank, the independent and self-sustaining federal agency founded during the Great Depression that helps finance the purchase of American-made goods and services by overseas buyers. The bank’s current authorization expires at the… Keep reading →

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