If you were interested, you could probably go to a conference discussing some aspect of the energy business every single day of the year. From huge halls to intimate boardrooms, the complexity and scale of the energy business makes meeting with competitors, partners and stakeholders compulsory.

While events continue throughout the year, there are two “rush” seasons when energy executives spend as much time in the air as on the ground. Starting in late January, financiers and policy experts seeking to firm up budget and regulatory priorities for the year ahead begin gathering in warm-weather destinations to discuss terms and seal deals.

The first rush of conference season lasts through the start of summer, at which point it becomes harder for organizers to garner speakers and for venues to reserve rooms dedicated to weddings or holidays.

Breaking Energy has had its share of running to catch flights, checking into conference hotels and chatting over the emerging shape of the energy sector in 2012. We went to California, Nevada, Turkey, Washington DC and Florida in recent weeks, and brought you the news and the analysis from events that covered technology, regulation, finance, fuels, policy and everything in between.

Listen to the podcast below for a quick review of our coverage from the spring 2012 conference rush, and look for more from us as the next round of events kicks off soon.

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