Energy Conference

There simply couldn’t be a better time to talk about how renewable energy is financed, and how changes in financing are affecting the entirety of a market that has matured at a rapid pace.

As bankers, project developers, analysts and regulators gather for another year at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Wall Street, they will be standing before that overused but apt metaphor: A crossroads. Keep reading →

If you were interested, you could probably go to a conference discussing some aspect of the energy business every single day of the year. From huge halls to intimate boardrooms, the complexity and scale of the energy business makes meeting with competitors, partners and stakeholders compulsory.

While events continue throughout the year, there are two “rush” seasons when energy executives spend as much time in the air as on the ground. Starting in late January, financiers and policy experts seeking to firm up budget and regulatory priorities for the year ahead begin gathering in warm-weather destinations to discuss terms and seal deals. Keep reading →