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Proper messaging is critical to any business. And energy issues are not always well understood by the general public, which makes communication even more important. The people who help companies, government offices, media outlets or environmental organizations communicate energy goals, challenges and opportunities are a special breed featured in this category. Here is a list… Keep reading →


From launch of the New York Green Bank, to the REV Proceeding and New York Power Authority initiatives, energy leaders at the highest levels of state and local government are working hard to ensure people have access to reliable, clean and affordable energy. These are some of the folks who help make that happen. Here… Keep reading →


Cities have taken an active role in promoting entrepreneurship through incubators and other programs, with New York City being a particularly active player. New York Energy Week itself is to some degree a child of the New York City startup incubator community. From energy efficiency to demand management, solar power, renewable energy project finance and… Keep reading →


Whether designing advertising campaigns, building data sets for energy use or financing groundbreaking new generation technologies, the scope for partaking in the energy business in New York is huge. This list identifies those young people in energy who are already making it here in the energy business, and who show every sign of staying on… Keep reading →