New York Energy Communicators: Top Ten

on June 19, 2015 at 12:00 PM


Proper messaging is critical to any business. And energy issues are not always well understood by the general public, which makes communication even more important. The people who help companies, government offices, media outlets or environmental organizations communicate energy goals, challenges and opportunities are a special breed featured in this category.

Here is a list of important people in the New York area who spread the word about energy-related trends, issues, deals and initiatives.


Various Disclaimers: The Top Ten lists compiled as part of Breaking Energy’s media partnership with New York Energy Week were based on an open nomination process and final selections were made by the senior Breaking Energy editorial team. Breaking Energy applied our editorial judgement and decades of experience to highlight leaders we thought deserved recognition during New York Energy Week. This is not a ranking, names are listed alphabetically. Please tell us how right or wrong we were in the comments. 

New York City photo courtesy of Shutterstock