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Germany Seeks Permanent Nuclear Waste Storage Site

The annual MIT Venture Capital conference is a summit where VCs from Menlo Park to Boston come together and present their views on the next hottest startup investments to eager MBA students, entrepreneurs, and fellow investors. As global leaders in engineering and technology, it’s no surprise that MIT has always been a pillar for energy industry development,… Keep reading →

FILE PHOTO: JP Morgan Chase Posts 36 Percent Increase In Q2 ProfitsBear Stearns

Could more energy market manipulation fines be in JP Morgan’s future? “The Justice Department is launching an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase manipulated energy markets just weeks after the bank settled similar allegations with federal regulators”. [The Hill] An Oregon Department of Justice investigation of an energy contract awarded to a close associate of the… Keep reading →

The Dow Falls On Poor Economic Data In The Housing And Job Market

The decade long reformation of energy trading now looks to be only the opening act of a transformation that Dodd Frank regulation and a newly aggressive – and costly – approach by federal regulators is set to propel into its next stage. Deregulation of energy markets, only partially finished by federal regulators before the collapse… Keep reading →

NY Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against JP Morgan Chase Over Bear Stearns Fraud

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has accepted a $410 million penalty to settle accusations of electricity market manipulations in California and the Midwest. On July 30, 2013, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order approving stipulation and consent agreement that requires JPMorgan Ventures Energy Corporation (JPMVEC) to settle allegations of electricity market manipulation in… Keep reading →

Ford Motor Co. Announces Quarterly Earnings

Ford is going to offer a natural gas option for its 2014 F-150 truck. “‘We may look back on this launch as when natural gas really became a mass-market fuel for retail customers as well as fleet customers,’ said Jon Coleman, sustainability and technology manager for Ford.” [Fuel Fix] Ineos Bio, Indian River BioEnergy Center… Keep reading →

Israeli Stock Market Reacts To News Of Ariel Sharon's Health

Early indications of the direction the newly activist Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are deeply worrying, not just for the power industry but for the entire economy, as well as for the future of the agency’s own necessary and important work in overseeing the evolving US electricity sector. Not many people cry for banks when regulators… Keep reading →

NY Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against JP Morgan Chase Over Bear Stearns Fraud

JP Morgan may be on the verge of the largest payment ever to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, at close to $1 billion, related to allegations that the bank manipulated electricity markets in California and the Midwest. The deal is not yet finalized, but the conversations highlight an increasingly aggressive stance taken by a little-known… Keep reading →

The major investment banks remain heavily engaged in the energy markets, hedging fuel prices and even producing energy for their own or their clients’ benefit. But Brad Hintz, a Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. research analyst who tracks the investment banking and securities industries, told Breaking Energy that the big banks are also positioning themselves for potential regulatory changes which will force the launch of a national carbon-trading market.

“Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays are all major energy traders,” Hintz observed. “They are the banking giants in that space, and they – along with the commodities exchanges – provide the risk management services needed to balance demand and supply in the global energy markets.” Keep reading →

Sustainable investing is an increasingly mainstream activity. But utilities are only beginning to adjust their business approaches to get in on the popularity of using those sustainability metrics to evaluate company performance and outlooks.

While the industry may appear to be awash in metrics, and the sector was in large part born out of an indexation process kicked off by the United Nations and continued in this year’s high-profile Sustainable Energy for All initiative, a new company from a father-and-son pair of energy experts says it has identified a remaining gap in the market for indices. Keep reading →

What trading technology used to look like at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1986.

Energy trading has long been divided between the headline prices everyone can see on the news and the much longer list of prices that exist in the traditionally more freewheeling over the counter markets. Keep reading →

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