FILE PHOTO: JP Morgan Chase Posts 36 Percent Increase In Q2 ProfitsBear Stearns

Could more energy market manipulation fines be in JP Morgan’s future? “The Justice Department is launching an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase manipulated energy markets just weeks after the bank settled similar allegations with federal regulators”. [The Hill]

An Oregon Department of Justice investigation of an energy contract awarded to a close associate of the state’s governor came at a high cost. “What began as an investigation into a $60,000 energy contract wound up costing the state at least $3.6 million, or 60 times the cost of the initial contract, in investigation time, litigation costs and settlement fees.” [The Oregonian]

Did Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto tell people that proposed energy sector reforms would not allow foreign companies to book Mexican oil reserves, and then include an option for production-sharing contracts in the actual reform proposal document? “Ambiguous wording could effectively allow Mexico to act as it pleases, on a case by case basis.” [Quartz]