Gasification Technologies Conference 2013

Colorado Springs, Co. At The Broadmoor

The Gasification Technologies Conference, the industry’s largest and most prestigious event, will be held Oct. 13-16 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Co. The event is hosted by the Gasification Technologies Council, the premier trade association and foremost authority on the gasification industry.

“This is the premier global gasification conference and best networking event for anyone interested in gasification,” said Alison Kerester, Executive Director of the Gasification Technologies Council. “It is a tremendous opportunity to learn about the latest technical advances, market trends and policy issues impacting the gasification industry.”

The conference’s keynote speaker will be Robert Ineson, Managing Director at IHS CERA. He will detail the latest trends on global energy markets.

This year’s program will include biomass and waste gasification, coal and petcoke gasification, plasma gasification, project updates, underground coal gasification, gasification R&D, gasification for hydrogen and an update on the global gasification market. There also will be pre-conference gasification basics and project finance workshops.

Participants may register at www.gasification.org.

Kerester said the annual conference attracts more than 500 people and dozens of exhibitors from around the world.

“Participants come from the entire value chain of the gasification industry, including technology providers, engineering firms, equipment suppliers, developers, plant owners, academics, government and potential customers,” Kerester said. “They truly represent the best of the gasification industry.”

The presentations are one of the conference’s highlights. This year’s presentations will feature the latest on:

  • Global gasification markets, including China, Japan, India and the Middle East
  • Biomass and waste gasification
  • Plasma gasification
  • Gasification projects and technology
  • Underground coal gasification
  • Gasification for fuels and chemicals
  • Gasification for power
  • Advanced gasification
  • Small-scale gasifiers
  • Technology improvements
  • Research and development


The Gasification Technologies Council (GTC) promotes a better understanding of the role gasification can play in providing the power, chemical and refining industries with economically competitive and environmentally conscious technology options to produce electricity, fuels and chemicals and for converting waste and biomass into these same valuable products.

GTC members are involved in all aspects of developing, deploying, and using commercial gasification technologies to produce, process, and use clean synthesis gas for the production of chemicals, fuels, substitute natural gas, and power. GTC member companies are involved in gasification projects — as plant owners, technology suppliers, or equipment/service suppliers — that account for 95 percent of world synthesis gas capacity.

To learn more, visit www.gasification.org.

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One thought on “Gasification Technologies Conference 2013

  1. Sanjay R Dua says:

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    Your extreme enthusiasm & restless support have mitigate Mission Energy Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation) to bring a focus to the potential of gasification in India and successfully delivering series of annual conferences started as “COAL GAS” beginning in 2008 to last year 2015.

    Every year, the conferences have attracted 275+ participants across the globe with outcome of various discussion related to science, technology and policy of gasification of coal, biomass and other carbonaceous feedstock’s, as well as applications to power generation, production of liquid fuels, and related topics. Over the years now, the international summits have covered the entire field related to science, technology and policy of gasification of coal, MSW, Petcoke, Biomass and other carbonaceous feedstock’s, as well as applications to power generation, production of liquid fuels, and related topics.

    Continuing the patronage we are glad to announce the 7th international conference & EXPO on technologies for fuel, power and chemical products “GASIFICATION INDIA: 2016” scheduled on 11th to 12th February 2016 in New Delhi, India.

    The 7th year of the international summit & EXPO GASIFICATION INDIA: 2016 is a timely event that identifies the opportunities to invest and implement various gasification technologies. It brings together gasification investors & operators, owners, synthetic gas users including power, fertilizer and chemical companies, technology and financiers to discuss critical issues facing the growing sector today!

    Additionally, the two day summit shall special focus on Biomass: Feedstock & Technology and Waste-to-Energy: Transforming Waste to Green Future! and co-host an International EXPO (11th & 12th February 2016) for both the days, that shall drive on the basis of various feedstocks like Biomass / Waste, Coal, Natural Gas, & Petroleum with its applications to Chemicals, Liquid Fuels, Power & Gas Fuels using Gasifier type like Moving / Fixed bed, Fluidized bed, Entrained, Others (Plasma, FCC-Fluid Catalytic Cracking).

    Further, as per discussion we would be glad if you can get some funds from government supporting he above said conference that shall help us to deliver another successful summit in wake of the summit theme The Gateway to India’s Cleaner Future.

    You can visit the summit website http://gasification2016.missionenergy.org for updates.

    Look forward for your response at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanjay Dua | EA to Director General


    [email protected]

    Mission Energy Foundation (A not-for-profit Organisation)

    003, B-16, Sector 1, Shanti Nagar, Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra – 401107

    Phone: +91 22 65220770 / 71 http://missionenergy.org

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