View of icebergs taken in the Norvegian

A new paper has revealed large amounts of ice breaking off from East Antarctica that could increase world sea levels. “The findings about East Antarctica emerge from a new paper just out in Nature Geoscience by an international team of scientists representing the United States, Britain, France and Australia.

They flew a number of research flights over the Totten Glacier of East Antarctica — the fastest-thinning sector of the world’s largest ice sheet — and took a variety of measurements to try to figure out the reasons behind its retreat. And the news wasn’t good: It appears that Totten, too, is losing ice because warm ocean water is getting underneath it. [Washington Post]

Mining company Linc Energy is facing accusations to have exposed its workers to dangerous gases at a plant in Queensland.”According to an internal government briefing document seen by the ABC, an investigation has backed claims by workers that they have suffered ill health as a result of a series of “uncontrolled releases” of gas at the plant between 2007 and 2013.” [ABC News]

FirstEnergy awaits a decision on its proposed electric security plan after a similar proposal from American Electric Power (AEP) was rejected by regulators last month, raising broader questions about Ohio’s energy future.”The plan recommended by FirstEnergy would have Ohio electricity consumers pay for operating costs of what critics deem two inefficient power plants; the Davis-Besse nuclear plant near Toledo and the W.H. Sammis coal-fired plant FirstEnergy operates on the Ohio River.” [Midwest Energy News]