Merkel And Medvedev Inaugurate Nord Stream Gas Pipeline

The giant Groningen natural gas field in the Netherlands’ northeastern countryside supplies much of Europe’s natural gas, but earthquakes in the region have been occurring more frequently as the field ages. The Dutch government ordered Shell and ExxonMobil to cut back production to 80% of the volume produced in 2013 – which amounts to an estimated 42.5 billion cubic meters – while researchers and the companies try to figure out how best to deal with the situation. [International New York Times]

Residential battery storage systems are catching on in California’s Silicon Valley as electric vehicle purchases increase and companies offer attractive financing options. “Ross’s lithium-ion battery storage system, contained in a 4-foot-tall metal box mounted on the wall of his garage, is made by Tesla but offered by San Mateo-based SolarCity to its California solar customers as part of a small pilot project. SolarCity is currently offering what it calls the Home Energy Storage system for $1,500 down and $15 a month over a 10-year lease period.” [San Jose Mercury News]