Berlin Wall Ice Sculpture Unveiled In London

A crazy sounding, but apparently not-so-crazy, solution to prevent groundwater contamination at the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant involves constructing subterranean ice walls around the facility. This is reportedly a proven technology currently being piloted in Canada’s oil sands region. [Quartz]

It’s been 10 years since a major blackout knocked out power to 50 million people along the US East Coast and there have been “no fundamental changes in the way the grid is operated.” [Scientific American]

Russian gas giant Gazprom strengthened its domestic position with the $3 billion purchase of Moscow utility MOEK. “The Moscow United Energy Company provides heating and hot water supplies to Moscow and surrounding towns. The company is the largest buyer of thermal power from Mosenergo, a utility controlled by Gazprom.” [RIA Novosti via The Moscow Times]