AOL Energy Week In Review

on July 15, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Cities are laboratories of dreams and nightmares, showcases of human technology and achievement and a locus for ancient fears.

Cities are also increasingly different. Cities are no longer similar one to the other; the jammed highways of Los Angeles are fundamentally different from the packed streets of contemporary Istanbul.

But their diversity can mask the similarity of the challenges they face as the world searches for ways to deal with increasingly interconnected markets for energy, information and other resources as tactile as steel and as ephemeral as clean air.

Breaking Energy this week reviewed the urban environment through the lens of cities’ energy consumption, policy, innovation, communication and investment.

Common themes emerging from our 12 pieces of dedicated coverage across the week included the capacity of urban energy leadership to drive employment, to handle waste in innovative ways, and to cut emissions from energy use. Energy efficiency efforts building on technology advances give cities a head-start on governments at the state, regional and federal level still grappling with cost allocation issues and even basic regulatory guidance on emissions, permitting or employment.

Like New York City’s government, Breaking Energy seeks our own community’s input on our cities coverage. Let us know what you think, about the cities we covered and the cities where you live.

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