OPEC Ministers Attend Conference In Iran

As part of its renewed effort to export the Islamic Revolution through armed proxies, Tehran has been recruiting and training Afghan and Pakistani fighters for Syria’s battlefields, thereby giving them invaluable experience for potential future campaigns in other regional countries. Iran has a long history of building up militant ethnic groups across the Middle East… Keep reading →


A congressional vote of disapproval would not necessarily be a deal breaker; in fact, it could give the administration time to improve the agreement or implement other policy measures that more effectively secure U.S. interests. What are the implications of voting against the Iran nuclear agreement? Considerable hyperbole clouds the issue. Here is a guide… Keep reading →

Jordan’s Energy Balancing Act

Benjamin Netanyahu Visits Jordan

A deal to buy Israeli natural gas can help mitigate the kingdom’s energy shortage and steer Amman away from problematic nuclear plans, but it risks stirring domestic opposition. In February, two private Jordanian firms signed a contract with a private U.S.-Israeli consortium to import natural gas from Israel’s giant Tamar field, located under the bed… Keep reading →