Sean Parnell

Taiwanese Military Perform Drills As Part Of Military

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell is “outraged” by reports of intimidation and needless show of force by Department of Environmental Conservation, the Bureau of Land Management and the state Department of Environmental Conservation who wore body armor to investigate a potential Clean Water Act violation, according to a statement released yesterday. “A State DEC Environmental investigator… Keep reading →

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Last Friday, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell reacted to the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s rejection of the state’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) exploration plan. Parnell has been pushing to open up a section of ANWR to exploration, and submitted a proposal earlier this year to the Secretary of the Interior to conduct 3-D seismic… Keep reading →

Harsh Weather Threatens Salvage Operation Of Cracked Freighter

A broad swath of energy industry insiders will be converging on Anchorage for the USAEE North American conference next month, giving the state’s governor an ideal forum to lay out his plans to extract and market the state’s massive gas resources. But geologic features of some of Alaska’s most well-known fields may mean that the… Keep reading →

View of the partially frozen Yellowstone

Opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration and development has long been a contentious issue, and Alaska Governor Sean Parnell made a push earlier this week to reopen the debate. Parnell presented Interior Secretary Sally Jewell with a detailed proposal for a seven-year program to conduct 3-D seismic exploration of ANWR area 1002… Keep reading →