Proved Reserves

Few Jobs Than Expected Added To Labor Market In January

Mandates that require utilities to generate renewable energy can be satisfied by physically owning the assets and generating power from distributed sources like wind and solar, or by purchasing renewable energy certificates from other who generate power from renewables. This creates markets that vary by state depending on local mandates and regulations. REC trading in… Keep reading →

Prices For U.S. Food Staples Rise Steeply

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed major oil company reserve holdings and how investors should evaluate a company’s reserve quality, quantity and global geographic distribution. It is an interesting story about a very important topic, but a lack of clarity with regard to some of the methodology and terminology leaves many questions unanswered. However,… Keep reading →

Final Section Of One World Trade Center's Spire Installed

In case you missed them, here are some of the highlights from Breaking Energy over the past week. All eyes on New York Energy Week! Breaking Energy spoke with Advent Integrated’s Adam Smith about a revamp of the stuffy old energy conference model and with New York Energy Czar Richard Kauffman about the city’s billion dollar… Keep reading →

Demand For Natural Gas

In the midst of the shale revolution, US proved natural gas reserves drove the first ever global decline in proved gas reserves in 2012, and it all comes down to low prices, according to BP Chief Economist Christof Rühl. Global proved natural gas reserves fell by half a trillion cubic metres in 2012 compared to… Keep reading →