Policy Makers

Q-Cells Opens New Solar Energy Research Center

The institutions that policymakers turn to for data and projections on important energy trends aren’t doing a very good job when it comes to renewables, almost invariably selling things like solar and wind short when it comes to growing deployments and lowering costs. So say Eric Gimon and Sonia Aggarwal, from America’s Power Plan, a group that has come up… Keep reading →

Jaenschwalde Coal-Fired Power Plant

The intragency panel price per ton of carbon incorporated into the Environmental Protection Agency’s microwave rule seems to set the standard, or at least the starting point, for the federal government’s estimate of the social cost of carbon. Benjamin Zycher, visiting scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, has argued that that cost “fails”. Zycher hosted… Keep reading →

Youth Rally For Change In Energy, Climate And Economic Policy

Ever tried to find out who is in charge when it comes to energy policy? With literally hundreds of agencies and regulators at everything from the local level through state and regions to DC-based policy-makers and even the President, the level of complexity when it comes to understanding energy policy isn’t just frustrating, it is… Keep reading →