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Rio Hosts Annual Oil And Gas Conference

News broke late last week the world’s second and third largest oil field services providers Halliburton and Baker Hughes were in merger negotiations. The combined company would more effectively compete with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield service company. The deal briefly went hostile when it was reported over the weekend that Halliburton would make a… Keep reading →

Halliburton Co. in Fort Worth, Texas

As US- and EU-led economic sanctions against Russian energy players crank up, the degree to which Western interests could be collaterally damaged is again being called into question. The EU has shied away from sanctioning Russian gas industry participants because the bloc is so reliant on Russian gas supply, but oil market pressure could also… Keep reading →

CEO's Discuss Future Of American Manufacturing In Washington

GE CEO Jeff Immelt said the company is researching technology that could use carbon dioxide instead of water for hydraulic fracturing operations. GE is reportedly putting an additional $10 billion through 2020 into its “ecoimagination” budget, which focuses on energy solutions including high efficiency natural gas turbines, “CNG In a Box,” wind turbine manufacture and… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

With all the fast moving trends flowing through the global energy business today – from shifting natural gas market dynamics, US oil & gas production increases, climate change issues and workforce demographics – it’s always interesting to hear which markets energy company executives are focusing on. Ernst & Young Global Oil & Gas Leader, Dale… Keep reading →

Challenge Triathlon Vichy

Architectural firm SWA Group has proposed building a bike lane along the Keystone XL pipeline, which “could turn what is now a source of rancor into a tourist attraction”. Project costs could reach $400 million, factoring in designers, cultural experts, economists, engineers and “interpretive elements” along the route. [Bloomberg] Consol Energy’s sale of five coal mines… Keep reading →

Senate Democrats Hold Hearing On Contractors In Iraq

Some of the world’s leading oil field service companies are accused of anticompetitive behavior in which the firms allegedly colluded to manipulate the hydraulic fracturing services market. The companies face a class action lawsuit under the Sherman Antitrust Act. “The class action complaint alleges that major oilfield services companies conspired to manipulate the market for… Keep reading →

With AFP Story by Veronique DUPONT: US-E

Oilfield service companies are being told to prepare for a ramp-up in natural gas drilling next year as the outlook for prices continues to improve, according to Barclays Oil Services and Drilling analyst James West. West presented the results of a semiannual survey of more than 300 oil and gas companies’ budgeted global upstream capital… Keep reading →

An oil drilling rig is seen September 29

Any game-changing technological advance benefits some industries and challenges others. Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has compiled a list of winners and losers from the US shale boom in a report, Game Changer: Industry Winners And Losers From The U.S. Shale Revolution, released yesterday. Among beneficiaries of the shale boom are the petrochemical industry, which is enjoying lower… Keep reading →