Oil Services

Oil Prices Fall To Lowest Level In Four Months

The fallout from declining oil prices continues materializing on a daily basis – several companies announced workforce reductions this week – and Baker Hughes is one of the latest to make that difficult decision. “This is what I hate about this industry, frankly, is these brutal cycles we have to go through,” said Martin Craighead, chief executive… Keep reading →

The largest energy services companies are set to benefit from a focus on oil drilling in the US as the shale oil boom in North America continues, analysts at Barclays claim, even as drilling for natural gas in shale – largely an “efficiency game” – becomes commoditized.

Much has been made of the boom in development of both oil and natural gas fields in the US, stemming from advances in the efficiency and deployment of hydraulic fracturing. That technological advance has created a price dynamic that weighs on the very industry that has taken advantage of it, while comparatively high global oil prices have made drilling for crude – a more complicated business – more attractive. Keep reading →