North American Electric Reliability Corporation

Hot Weather Puts California Power Grid On Alert

If you don’t know what’s on your network at all times — if you can’t control what gets on — you put that network and the assets behind it at risk. That is true in any industry, but nowhere are the stakes higher than in critical infrastructure — the electric grid, oil and gas pipelines,… Keep reading →

Coal Remains Main Source Of German Energy Supply

Dear State Public Utility Commission Chairmen and Chairwomen, Risk management isn’t a new concept for any of the utility companies you regulate, nor I’m sure, is it new for you and your team.  When large storms or fires cause power outages, you monitor how quickly electric utilities return service to customers. When proposals for new… Keep reading →

Two Large Solar Prominences Erupt On Sun

It’s the stuff of sci-fi movies: a nuclear explosion far overhead or a massive solar flare knocks out electricity for a large chunk, or even all, of the US. But electromagnetic pulses and geomagnetic disturbances, such as large solar flares and storms can, in fact, impact grid functioning. And Maine has become the first state… Keep reading →

A federal commission set out rules on paying for the nation’s sorely needed electricity transmission upgrades at a widely anticipated meeting yesterday.

The US transmission industry welcomed the new federal rule requiring grid expansion be paid for only by those who benefit from it, and guaranteeing that costs align with benefits as the country seeks to upgrade and expand its power-transmission infrastructure.

For more on the controversy over paying for the transmission system, see: Energy Stakeholders Ask Senate To Oppose Transmission Bill. Keep reading →