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Fundamental scientific research lies at the heart of many energy-related breakthroughs that ultimately disrupt established social and economic systems. It can be overwhelming to look at the world’s looming energy and climate challenges, but Dr. Franklin (Lynn) Orr, Under Secretary for Science and Energy at the US Department of Energy remains optimistic despite the complexity… Keep reading →


Energy Department Announces $53 Million to Drive Innovation, Cut Cost of Solar Power WASHINGTON – Building on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to cut carbon pollution and continue U.S. leadership in clean energy innovation, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced more than $53 million for 40 innovative research and development (R&D) projects that aim to… Keep reading →


Lab Day Demonstrations Highlight Labs’ Contribution to U.S. Competitiveness and Innovation Washington, D.C. – Today, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz joined Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) for National Lab Day on the Hill. The event highlighted several notable research projects from across the National Laboratory system. Senators Durbin and Risch also formally… Keep reading →

Construction Of New Homes Rise In March, But Less Than Expected

In 2012, the average American family spent 2.7 percent of their household income on home energy bills. While this might not sound like a lot, it adds up to almost $2,000 a year in energy costs. And much of that energy — 20 percent or more — is wasted on things like air leaks, poor insulation, and inefficient heating… Keep reading →

British Government Signs A Deal For New Nuclear Power Plant

From discovering subatomic particles to developing protective coatings for airplanes, our National Labs are constantly making advancements in research and development. This week, the National Energy Technology Lab held an open project review meeting to show the public exactly what they’re working on right now. Held in Pittsburgh, the meeting included presentations of 79 projects from the lab’s Crosscutting Research Program,… Keep reading →

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  This week in sunny Anaheim, California, more than 800 solar industry leaders gathered for the 2014 SunShot Grand Challenge Summit. The Summit, launched by the Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative, brings together the solar community to network, share ideas and develop strategies to make solar more affordable for American families and businesses. The focus of this year’s event is… Keep reading →


It’s been one year since Dr. Ernest J. Moniz was sworn in as the 13th U.S. Secretary of Energy. Since then, he’s been busy. We’re marking the occasion with a look back at some big moments from Secretary Moniz’s first year in office — including landmark energy policy speeches, visits to some of the Energy Department’s National Labs, the… Keep reading →


Sandia National Laboratories are home to the state-of-the-art Centrifuge Test Complex, with both indoor and outdoor centrifuges designed to simulate environments and situations with high inertial forces, like atmospheric reentry and jet aircraft acceleration. This photo shows the 29-foot-radius indoor centrifuge that’s housed in an underground, temperature-controlled environment. The centrifuge can accelerate a maximum payload… Keep reading →


All day today [Friday], Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is taking over our Instagram account! Jeff Neaton, director of the Molecular Foundry at LBNL, will be posting photos to share what’s happening over at Berkeley Lab. So far, he’s posted some pretty amazing views of the San Francisco Bay, wildlife around the lab and even a selfie with the attendees of… Keep reading →


  Q&A Have questions about your home’s building envelope — from your home’s windows and doors to its walls, foundation and roof? Submit them here and our expert will answer them next week! In 2012, the average American family spent 2.7 percent of their household income on home energy bills. While this might not sound like a… Keep reading →

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