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In what could already be described as stunning news – and would become a stunning development if it  materialized – is a report by Reuters that the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an OPEC oil producer situated in the Persian Gulf, is “said to be looking at the possibility of importing natural gas from North America.”… Keep reading →

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Opec member United Arab Emirates is reportedly considering investing in North American energy assets and possibly importing natural gas as part of the deal. Major oil producers across the Arabian Gulf region – including the Saudis – face tightening gas production and consumption fundamentals, as their domestic energy use soars, greater volumes of associated gas… Keep reading →

The Shams 1 concentrated solar power plant was inaugurated earlier this week in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, UAE. At 100 megawatts, Shams 1 is currently the largest operational CSP plant in the world. The project is noteworthy because it is a major step forward for renewable energy technology, and CSP in particular, but also because it was developed in an Opec country. Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, partnered with French oil major Total and Spain’s energy infrastructure company Abengoa. Breaking Energy attended the proceedings, along with several other international journalists, as Masdar’s guest. Masdar is a subsidiary of Mubadala, a UAE government-owned investment vehicle.

“With the addition of Shams 1, Masdar’s renewable energy portfolio accounts for almost 68 percent of the Gulf’s renewable energy capacity and nearly 10 percent of the world’s installed CSP capacity”, according to the company. Keep reading →