A push to allow MLPs for renewables could add hundreds of billions in investment.  A bill that would allow clean energy projects to leverage master limited partnerships, which are used by the oil and gas industry, was reintroduced in the Senate on Wednesday. “Congress should level the playing field and give all sources of domestic… Keep reading →


Landmark Solar YieldCo between First Solar and SunPower from Shutterstock. Vertically integrated solar developer superpowers and competitors First Solar and SunPower are partnering on a solar project YieldCo. This somewhat surprising announcement from the rival firms comes after several quarters of reluctance (or patience) in entering a YieldCo structure — either individually or jointly. The market… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

You may not know this, but the United States is already the largest natural gas producer in the world, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and is estimated to produce more oil than Russia and Saudi Arabia in 2013. The U.S. greatly reduced its dependence on foreign energy imports in a very short time.… Keep reading →


Master Limited Partnerships have gained in popularity in recent years, particularly in the midstream oil & gas sector, and now excitement is building around using the MLP structure for renewable energy projects. But MLPs are better suited to some assets than others and launching one is a complicated endeavor. So is an MLP the right… Keep reading →

Upstream master limited partnership (MLP) Linn Energy’s strategy to attract a broader array of investors is likely to inspire other companies in the space to follow suit, but competitors will take at least a few years to emerge, according to chief financial officer Kolja Rockov.

Linn established LinnCo, a vehicle that exists solely to hold units of the Linn MLP, as a means of raising additional equity capital. Linn then launched an initial public offering of LinnCo shares – in part to be used to raise funds for acquisitions – in October 2012. Keep reading →