Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator

NY Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against JP Morgan Chase Over Bear Stearns Fraud

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has accepted a $410 million penalty to settle accusations of electricity market manipulations in California and the Midwest. On July 30, 2013, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order approving stipulation and consent agreement that requires JPMorgan Ventures Energy Corporation (JPMVEC) to settle allegations of electricity market manipulation in… Keep reading →

As renewable power crowds the electricity grid with growing force, transmission operators are upping the stakes for supportive infrastructure.

On Thursday, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) announced its annual expansion plan, which included a $5 billion addition to its traditional $1.5 billion annual expansion plan. The additional money will allow the regional transmission operator (RTO) to create an improved “electric grid superhighway” that includes 215 construction projects. Keep reading →

It is a good time to be in transmission.

Favorable regulatory decisions are compounding the impacts of higher returns from rising electricity rates in some parts of the country to boost revenues and profit at ITC Holdings, a major US electricity transmission firm. Keep reading →