Battle Looms For Coastal Wetland In Southern California

2014 was certainly a busy and productive year for the energy industry and energy policy. We saw a relaxation of crude export regulations for the first time in decades, allowing the glut of condensate the United States is producing to be shipped overseas. We saw high profile political battles over greenhouse gas emissions, hydraulic fracturing,… Keep reading →

Senators Hold News Conference To Urge Obama To Approve Keystone Pipeline

Last week, after legislators returned from an election where some campaigned heavily on energy-related issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives again voted to send legislation approving that project to the President’s desk. Then, the outgoing Democratic Majority in the Senate also took action, though it failed to reach the 60-vote… Keep reading →

Sydney Goes Dark For Earth Hour

Recently, Australian state and federal officials, industry leaders, and international experts convened in Sydney at the third annual Eastern Australian Energy Markets Outlook conference to assess the prospects for the energy supply chain in Australia vis-à-vis their international competitors, including the United States. As long-time military allies and economic partners that share a strong diplomatic… Keep reading →


Those in the energy business might want to steer clear of the news these days – and not because environmental problems and liberal opposition are continuing to cause their normal heartaches for the industry. From the New York Times to the Financial Times and every outlet in between, the headlines are dire. “Falling Oil Price Raises Questions… Keep reading →