Renewable Energy Update: September 2018 #2

The EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog Limit

Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 100 into law on Monday, completing the legislative effort to transition California to fossil-fuel-free electricity

Renewable Energy Update: September 2018

solar installation

MIT researchers have developed methods for measuring the impact of air pollution on the performance of a solar installation

Russian Gas Supplies Through Ukraine Turned Off

Domestic natural gas abundance – safely developed with modern hydraulic fracturing and high-tech horizontal drilling – has benefitted consumers and the economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping make our air cleaner. Sustaining and growing those benefits largely depends on market growth for natural gas – to add production that production must have new and/or growing markets… Keep reading →

View of the partially frozen Yellowstone

  Wyoming is not a state that likes to take a backseat to anybody, especially when it comes to setting energy policy. That’s why it’s no surprise the state recently proposed new standards to reduce harmful, wasteful emissions from the state’s oil and gas facilities. The requirements in the state’s new proposal are an extension of a… Keep reading →

EPA Proposes Affordable Clean Energy Rule To Replace Clean Power Plan


On August 21, 2018, the EPA proposed the Affordable Clean Energy rule to establish guidelines for states to develop plans to address greenhouse gas emissions from certain existing fossil-fuel-fired power plants

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

With EPA unveiling its proposed new rule to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, there’s already lots of discussion of whether the proposal is an improvement over the rule it would replace – whether a regime may focus on the utility sector as a system or needs to focus on individual sources. Be that as… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

  These days, California’s renewable energy records are regularly broken. During the summer solstice on June 21, California utility scale solar power set a generation record with solar producing equivalent to about 16 percent of all electricity consumed during the day. And earlier this year, on April 27, California set two renewable energy records for both instantaneous solar generation:… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

I’m a certified oil and gas tech nerd, and I’ve never been so excited about my job. I love data, the insights that come with it, and especially the ways of applying those insights to catalyze continuous improvement. There are few decisions I make without an Excel spreadsheet – and after spending several years working… Keep reading →

Men working oil

A proposal under review at the Bureau of Land Management to bring thousands more oil and gas wells to a region of Utah already struggling with unhealthy air could cause more pollution and more waste. The Greater Chapita Wells Project Area is slated to bring nearly 3,000 new wells to the state’s Uintah basin –… Keep reading →

The Climate Report – Spring 2018

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

A new version of EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory shows a decline in U.S. total net greenhouse gas emissions of roughly 12 percent from 2005 to 2016

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