Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner

Pope Francis Gives His First Angelus Blessing To The Faithful

The global natural gas revolution has arrived in Mexico. As the country’s power sector undertakes a fuel shift toward natural gas, state-owned and domestic companies are beginning to seek ways to partner with technology-empowered foreign firms to boost domestic production. While maintaining and expanding struggling crude oil production at state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (better known as… Keep reading →

Large Storm System From Midwest Makes Its Way East

The House passed a bill yesterday approving an offshore energy development agreement on the maritime border between the US and Mexico. But some Democrats opposed the bill, which waives the Dodd-Frank requirement that requires companies to disclose payments made to foreign governments. Nothing strange in that at all. [The Hill] Sources say that President Obama… Keep reading →

One of the biggest ignored threats to the power sector – and to electricity delivery to homes and businesses across much of the country’s most populated regions – is from a lack of natural gas pipeline capacity. A former federal regulator is warning that this issue, arcane at first glance, could prompt market failure and a crisis of reliability for some generators.

The free market is a funny thing; it works only over time and often in socially unpopular ways. The energy market in the US has been regulated, de-regulated and re-regulated over its history, but all market participants are operating in the context of rules set up to balance policy priorities and operating realities. Keep reading →