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Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

This volume presents certain federal and state tax incentives promoting the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries

IRS Sheds New Light On Solar Tax Credits, Leaves Energy Storage In The Dark

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The IRS issued recent guidance regarding construction of commercial solar energy properties and other qualified energy properties for purposes of claiming the ITC

Tesla’s Stock Option Grant To Its CEO

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Tesla’s shares are traded on NASDAQ. As of the grant date of the option, the market cap of Tesla was approximately $59 billion.

Renewable Energy Update – April 2018

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

Renewables and four other companies have joined with a Northern California power provider to develop the first U.S. offshore wind farm to boast advanced floating turbines

Solar Energy Remains Popular For Private Homeowners

Rooftop solar provides many benefits to the electric grid, like having no fuel costs and increasing electric grid resiliency – the ability to quickly recover from problems. So how can utilities recognize these benefits and reward people who install solar at their homes and businesses? A popular way is through net metering, which allows customers to… Keep reading →

Renewable Energy Update – November 2017

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Wells Fargo & Company has announced that 100 percent of its global electricity consumption for 2017 will be met with renewable energy.

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In a ruling highly anticipated and hotly debated in the solar industry, the U.S. International Trade Commission determined in a unanimous 4-0 decision today that foreign imports of solar modules caused “serious injury” to U.S. companies under Section 201 of the 1974 Trade Act.

The EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog Limit

API and a number of other groups are pleased to be participating in National Clean Energy Week, which is highlighting readily abundant energy needed to power homes and businesses that’s also helping the U.S. reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We realize not everyone thinks API and some others fit in the clean energy conversation. But the fact… Keep reading →

Work Crew Installs Solar Power Panels In Santa Monica

If you work in the solar industry, want to buy solar panels or care about climate change, you may want to pay attention. Two floundering solar manufacturers, with no concerns but their corporate bottom line, are about to pull the rug from under one of America’s fastest-growing industries and tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.… Keep reading →

Germany Expands Its Electricity Grid

Recently, it seems like everyone is competing to become the next big thing in the energy sector. Whether it’s electric vehicles, smart grid technology, or energy storage, innovation continues to pop up left and right as we work to build a smarter, cleaner electric grid. If innovation and technology spark your competitive drive, here’s your… Keep reading →

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