IFA Technology Fair

It’s not just the old stuff. By itself, the ceiling fan in your house isn’t much of an energy suck. But the number of ceiling fans in the U.S. is going up as more people move into homes in warmer climates. All of those spinning fans are adding up to nearly as much energy use… Keep reading →

Germany Drops Biofuel Plans

There’s always a risk in being the first – in forging ahead without following someone else’s footsteps.  California took on that challenge six years ago, adopting the country’s first low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). Today, however, the risks are receding and the rewards are becoming increasingly clear – for consumers, businesses, and the climate. That… Keep reading →

Aleo Produces Solar Panels

Solar cells that convert sunlight to electricity at 1 or 2 percent efficiency don’t sound very exciting in a world where standard silicon cells produce at rates in the teens and even higher. But what if the cells were so thin and light that you could stack layers of them atop each other? That might… Keep reading →

Air Berlin Threatened By Strike

If turning that corner within a decade is acceptable, then the answer is yes. At least according to a major study released today that includes input from a wide range of stakeholders including the investment community, regulators, government and academia. The study, completed by Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative (MASBI), seeks to develop an “actionable… Keep reading →

The Rise of Cleanweb

Historic Trust Releases List Of Most Endangered US Places

The following is an excerpt from an Energy Solutions Forum Policy Primer for the New York Energy Week Series Breakfast, The Rise of Cleanweb. While cleantech emphasizes the use of renewables to answer climate and energy issues, cleanweb offers a more leveraged means by applying information technology to addressresource constraints and energy efficiency requirements. In addition to infrastructure strategies… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

US President Barack Obama today unveiled a wide-ranging climate change action plan that, among other measures, seeks to limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The plan has provoked responses that see the plan as praiseworthy, sensible, misguided, and even hostile to affordable energy. Below is a selection of responses, and you can read the… Keep reading →


The following is an excerpt from an Energy Solutions Forum Policy Primer for the New York Energy Week Energy Asset Management Forum. Green buildings and sustainability projects include daylighting, landscape water use reduction, indoor water use reduction, and on-site/off-site green power with the aim to reduce environmental problems and provide long-term health benefits. Federal laws and executive orders require… Keep reading →

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Cleantech is one of those words that traditionalists love to hate, and that self-described change advocates love to drop into conversation. Neither is entirely certain what it means, which is both the challenge and the promise of a sector that is just emerging into public consciousness and yet is rooted in long-standing practices of efficiency… Keep reading →

2013 Geneva Auto Show

From a greenhouse gas emissions standpoint, it’s not the fuel that we put in our car that matters – it’s the system that produced the fuel. Based on this simple formulation, University of Michigan energy researcher John DeCicco argues forcefully in a new paper that policies that emphasize rapid deployment of electric vehicles are misguided. “While the rush to get alternative… Keep reading →

4 World Trade Developers Hold Tour Of Progress

Better lighting, energy reductions, and no more blinds—with View Inc.‘s dynamic glass Has View Inc. and its electrochromic window glass solved the cost challenge that has long stymied this innovative building efficiency technology? Corning (NYSE: GLW), the 160-year-old glass giant, must believe it has — as it just led a $60 million funding round in… Keep reading →

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