Unconventional Gas

Venezuelans Loyal To Former President Hugo Chavez Mark One Year Anniversary Of His Death

  Times are changing and Opec is not what it once was in terms of oil price influence, but it’s too soon to completely dismiss the producer group that collectively controls such a large share of the world’s oil production, reserves, exports and thus supply. In this article, a Saudi diplomat argues his country “gets… Keep reading →

Moorburg Power Plant Under Construction

Although natural gas prices already increased this year more than many expected – largely due to weather-related demand and inventory draws – business opportunities for energy infrastructure projects that use natural gas as feedstock remain attractive. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms could be particularly well placed to benefit from a medium-term “mega cycle,” according… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The US energy landscape today compared with 10 years ago is virtually unrecognizable, as the script with regard to import-dependent demand has been flipped to a potential export story. The seemingly moribund US natural gas industry characterized by decreasing reserves and production is now the apple of the world’s eye, with governments and private companies… Keep reading →

Arrival of Heads of Delegations for G20 Leaders Summit

Domestic Saudi Arabian oil consumption increasingly cuts into oil exports, reducing the valuable revenue those exported barrels provide, which funds the country’s current account surplus. Subsidized domestic prices incentivize direct burning crude to generate power needed to cool a growing Saudi population. As the Kingdom shifts more to natural gas for power generation – freeing… Keep reading →

Open Pit Coal Mines To Become Lake District Tourist Paradise

Only a few short years ago the U.S. coal industry enjoyed a mini-renaissance with several new large power plants brought on line in 2010 and 2011, which at the time firmly entrenched coal as the dominant source of electric generation in the U.S. Since then, coal’s share of the electric market has contracted sharply, and… Keep reading →


With all the great speakers and presentations at the USAEE /IAEE North American Conference in Anchorage this week, it’s hard to pick and choose among so many well-expressed ideas. Our USAEE updates represent just a few of our favorite quotes from the ongoing events. The US oil and natural gas production increase that’s taken place… Keep reading →


Breaking Energy recently toured Anadarko Petroleum Company’s natural gas drilling, completion and production operations in the heart of the Marcellus Shale in Central Pennsylvania. The tour was organized by the American Petroleum Institute. Over the past few years, unconventional natural gas production surprised many industry observers and surpassed many expectations, significantly altering communities where the… Keep reading →


Rural Pennsylvania was transformed into one of the nation’s oil and gas boom regions virtually overnight thanks to abundant Marcellus Shale gas development. Many people know the City of Williamsport, located in Lycoming County, as the site of the Little League World Series, but gas production helped make it the 7th fastest-growing community on a… Keep reading →

The new chief of the International Energ

The North American gas shale revolution’s medium-term impact on global markets will be realized through exports of the fuel itself, rather than the technology to access it, according to International Energy Agency Executive Director Maria Van Der Hoeven. “The unconventional gas revolution in the US will impact gas markets over the medium term more by… Keep reading →

A new midstream service complex in Ohio is the subject of a recent deal that underpins a wider resurgence activity in the industrial sector driven by shale gas discoveries across the country, but particularly in the states underlying the Utica and Marcellus Shales.

An unexpected but common theme at the Wall Street Green Summit going on this week in New York is how unconventional natural gas development is strengthening the US manufacturing sector. Keep reading →