Oil Prices Rise As BP Shuts Pipeline

A group of US oil refiners released a study they say shows incremental production volumes can be handled by their facilities, in contrast to an opposing view that suggests the country’s refining complex is geared toward heavy oil and cannot handle the recent surge in lighter hydrocarbon output. “The refinery group’s study said refiners can take on an additional 3.1 million to 4.3 million barrels of light oil a day. The research found that refiners have been working to build capacity to handle light crude in response to the recent oil domestic boom.” [The Hill]

Ohio State researchers have developed a rechargeable solar battery that could significantly reduce the cost of solar systems. “A researcher says the battery should cut manufacturing costs for solar-energy systems by about 25 percent. And the solar batteries should last about the same as rechargeable batteries already on the market.” [AP via Fuel Fix]

US coal exports have been decreasing from highs reached in 2012 due to lower European demand and increased global output. “Export declines reflect both lower European demand for steam coal and increased steam coal supply from Australia and Indonesia. Metallurgical coal supply from Australia, Canada, and Russia has also increased. These factors have led to a cumulative decline of 9.0 MMst in coal exports to Europe and Asia during the first half of 2014.” [EIA]