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Coastal Texas Faces Heavy Damage After Hurricane Ike

This month Texans have been at the mercy of some extreme, shoe-melting heat. Yet, despite the heat wave and resulting high demand in electricity, the state’s main grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), has barely broken a sweat. Demand even passed the previous record-high mark twice in one afternoon, but ERCOT has… Keep reading →


From storm-resistant shelters to breezy dwellings that open like a flower, the solar-powered houses in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2015 are as diverse and creative as the teams behind them. Each was inspired by the unique cultures, experiences and landscapes of its creators, who represent more than 20 colleges and universities around… Keep reading →


A recent report casts doubt on whether proposed federal legislation would actually accelerate decisions on the siting of cross-border energy infrastructure.

U.S. Military Makes Preparations

The agency tasked with giving approval for Shell’s deep-water drilling off Canada’s coastline includes a UK Tory-appointed official who worked for Shell for decades, it has emerged. [The Guardian] The European Union is working on a political agreement that would establish future energy deals in Iran, according to latest reports. [Bloomberg] The Coca-Cola Company is years… Keep reading →

Kuwait Promises To Increase Oil Production In Case  Of War

Mark the date on your calendars: Aug. 28, 2018. That’s when Saudi Arabia goes broke. Or at least that’s the date according to one model of the oil-rich nation’s reserves, crude production and the price of oil. If crude stays around $40, America’s Middle Eastern ally will run out of money on that date. Obviously,… Keep reading →

California Power Grid Strained By Heat Wave

“Smart City” initiatives and technologies have already captured the imagination of the water industry. Slowly, they are starting to capture their investment dollars, too. Data sensors, smart metering and cloud-based analytics software offer water utilities unprecedented access to real-time information about consumption, system demand and pressure points, according to Jeff Neemann, Solution Lead for Smart… Keep reading →

Energy On A Sphere

Energy on a sphere

With the emergence of open resources and new technologies, Americans today have scads of knowledge at their fingertips. Yet sifting through data is a major barrier for most. By visualizing global trends, however, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has found a way to see earth science information rolled out in colorful maps on… Keep reading →

Six Things The Private Sector Should Know About EPA’s Final Vapor Intrusion Guidance


The cumulative impact of the EPA guidance is to require the generation of more data.

San Francisco Career Fair Helps Military Veterans Find Jobs

The energy industry – oil & gas sector in particular – is bracing itself for a massive wave of retirements over the short to medium term, which has been dubbed “The Great Shift Change.” As the industry prepares for this turnover, companies are looking to the next generation of candidates with skills ranging from finance, geology,… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks On Iran Nuclear Deal

Even after the deal is in effect, the United States can sustain or increase tough barriers on Iran’s trade with other countries, but this fact has not been highlighted by the president or his team. On August 19, in a move designed to address concerns by wavering members of Congress, President Barack Obama sent a… Keep reading →

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