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Do Smart Phones Hold Key to Reducing Energy Poverty in Developing Countries?

Do Smart Phones Hold Key to Reducing Energy Poverty in Developing Countries?

 A new study commissioned by the United Nations revised its global population projection upward to 13.2 billion people by 2100 – including billions of new middle-class consumers. According to Germany’s Spiegel Online, the study’s lead researchers give this high population growth scenario a probability of 95 percent to materialize. Unsurprisingly, increasing total consumption in the developing… Keep reading →

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Under the Dome: Inside the Maine State House

Schwarzenegger Holds Press Conference On Passing Of California Budget

Under the Dome: Inside the Maine State House provides a high-level overview of recent activity at the Maine State House. If you would like more specific information regarding an item in this newsletter or related to government relations, please contact a member of our Government Relations Practice Group: John Delahanty, Andrea Cianchette Maker, or Avery Day.

The South West's First Solar Farm Is Connected

“This is not a pivot. It’s just another line of business.”  Skyline Innovations, the first U.S. company to offer third-party financing for solar hot water systems, is moving into a different line of business: energy brokerage. Earlier this month, the company changed its name to Nextility and announced that it would be offering energy management services to small businesses.… Keep reading →


Cape Wind has entered into a two-year lease agreement with MassCEC to stage the first U.S. offshore wind project at the South Coast Marine Commerce Terminal.  On September 12, 2014, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced a lease agreement between Cape Wind and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) to stage the first U.S. offshore wind project from the South… Keep reading →

Siemens AG Announces Strategic Restructuring

Siemens is acquiring gas equipment manufacturer Dresser-Rand for $7.6 billion dollars in a move meant to help the German conglomerate capitalize on the US energy boom. Earlier this year Siemens bought “most” of Rolls-Royce’s civil energy operation for $1.3 billion. The acquisitions are also likely motivated by a desire to remain competitive with rival GE, which… Keep reading →


Do you love science? The Department of Energy does. In fact, the Department is the single largest funder of basic research in the physical sciences in the nation. This research spans the Energy Department’s 17 National Labs. The National Labs are a national treasure. They perform groundbreaking scientific research — from game-changing advancements in solar energy to supercomputer simulations… Keep reading →

Team AlvimedicaStatue of LibertyNew York City

With little notice, compliance officers, in-house counsel, and other legal professionals for organizations in the oil and gas industry may be required to hand over sensitive files in response to compliance, regulatory, or investigative requests. The continual increase in volumes and disparate types of electronically stored information (ESI), coupled with heightened government oversight and intervention, means the stakes and costs of complying with these requests have never been higher. When managed inconsistently, these requests pose a great risk.

As e-discovery—which involves identifying, collecting, reviewing, and producing responsive data in an investigation or litigation—converges with compliance, corporations must understand how to manage these processes to minimize exposure to costs and risks while maximizing the value of their data for business purposes. The best methodology consists of five steps that will incorporate e-discovery as a repeatable business process into the larger corporate compliance program.

A picture taken on June 05, 2010 shows t

A few Asian buyers of US LNG are looking to sell portions of the supply they purchased under long-term contracts, suggesting the excitement over exporting US natural gas as LNG could be waning a bit. When US gas production began booming around 2007 and prices cratered – falling to as low as $2 per MMBtu… Keep reading →

Oil pumps in operation at an oilfield ne

America’s oil and natural gas industry supports 9.8 million U.S. jobs and 8 percent of the U.S. economy. Industry’s extensive network of 30,000 vendors, suppliers, and contractors create and support jobs and grow the economy in every state in the union and almost every congressional district. What this speaks to is the unprecedented opportunity created by America’s 21st century energy… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

In light of a marked increase in the number of gas divestments taking place in the Canadian oil and gas sector, Ernst & Young recently looked at a number of forces that are driving companies to shed assets thereby identifying four dimensions – deal strategy, cost management, speed and risk mitigation – as crucial for any… Keep reading →

Momma Said ‘Time-of-Use’ Electricity Pricing

Climate Change And Global Pollution To Be Discussed At Copenhagen Summit

My mom is a pro at shopping for good deals. She taught me the importance of timing my purchases during the off-peak season to get the most value for my dollar. Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity pricing reminds me of the lessons my mom taught me, and it can help empower families to take control of their… Keep reading →

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