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Can Electric Vehicles Be ‘Environmental Villains’?

Can Electric Vehicles Be ‘Environmental Villains’?

Researchers from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) found in a new study assessing the life cycle air quality impacts on human health of 10 alternatives to conventional gasoline vehicles “that electric vehicles (EVs) powered by electricity from natural gas or wind, water, or solar power are best for improving air quality, whereas vehicles powered by… Keep reading →

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Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles

In 2012, the city of Philadelphia announced plans to privatize the Philadelphia Gas Works (“PGW”). PGW is the nation’s largest municipality-owned natural gas utility with more than 6,000 miles of gas mains and service pipes supplying approximately 500,000 customers in the city of Philadelphia. The sale was positioned as a means to fix the municipal pension fund as well as the first step in developing Philadelphia as an energy hub, taking advantage of its proximity to the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays as well as its status as a coastal port.

China's Main Share Index Falls After Tax Tripled On Stock Transactions

It appears the largest oil price decline since the 2008 economic and financial crises could be reaching a bottom. Maybe. Luckily we don’t have the displeasure of making oil price forecasts, like our colleague Ed Crooks the US Industry and Energy Editor at the Financial Times: Anyway, benchmark global oil futures prices rebounded today partially… Keep reading →

Energy Price Rises Leave Elderly With Fuel Debts

Across the US, the historic relationship between GDP and electricity demand growth is projected to drastically change. At the same time, utilities’ average capital and operational and maintenance (O&M) expenses are increasing due to aging infrastructure, integration of smart grid technologies and increased need for cyber security. Conflicting market forces such as these can be… Keep reading →


Smart meters, which provide detailed electricity use data throughout the day, are a critical piece of a smarter, more resilient 21st century energy system. But they are not a cure-all for modernizing our antiquated power grid. In Matthew Wald’s recent New York Times article, entitled “Power Savings of Smart Meters Prove Slow to Materialize,” he… Keep reading →

NASA's Orion Spacecraft Launches Unmanned Test Flight

This analysis suggests the Soviet Union’s surprise Sputnik launch led to the creation of DARPA and ultimately the most technically advanced military in the world. Some of those technologies spilled over into civilian life and are now ubiquitous. Could the US military pioneer climate-change mitigating energy advancements? Perhaps not without a “Sputnik moment.” [Weekly Wonk]… Keep reading →

Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Ernest Moniz For Energy Secretary

NORTH AMERICAN ENERGY MINISTERS MEETING Washington– The North American Energy Ministers met yesterday, in response to the call of the North American Leaders, to advance an energy agenda that expands the continent’s leadership in energy, strengthens North American energy security, supports shared economic prosperity and environmental performance. This meeting builds upon a long, productive and… Keep reading →

U.S. And Saudi Representatives Discuss Energy Markets

Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali al-Naimi has begun opening up a bit more about Opec and the kingdom’s decision to leave oil production quotas unchanged at the producer group’s meeting last month. Since that decision – and price cuts on behalf of individual Opec members – benchmark oil prices plummeted and are now down about… Keep reading →

Battle Looms For Coastal Wetland In Southern California

On December 9, 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) announced that it had achieved $4.5 million dollars in settlements from private employers as a result of a two year investigation into contractors working in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The DOL press release can be found here.

Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

This is the latest installment in our Energy Startup Series that gives executives at cutting-edge energy firms an opportunity to share insights and experiences about the energy industry, their careers and their companies.   While working for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Olof Hansen was in charge of building public-private partnerships in waste minimization and pollution… Keep reading →

Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is methane produced from biomass that is cleaned to pipeline quality standards and blended with fossil natural gas. RNG, also known as biomethane, is carbon-neutral and chemically identical to fossil natural gas allowing it to be blended without restriction. Renewable natural gas is produced from a variety of (mostly waste) resources… Keep reading →

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