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Energy To Be Front And Center For Decision 2016

Energy To Be Front And Center For Decision 2016

Hilary Clinton’s speech on Monday in Des Moines, Iowa in which she outlined an energy agenda that plans to generate 33% of the United States electricity from renewables reinforced the importance of energy in the 2016 election. The contrasting view between Republican candidates and Clinton on climate change underscores the partisan nature of the climate debate… Keep reading →

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President Obama Visits Largest Photovoltaic Plant In U.S. In Nevada

After a year of consultations and house debate President Obama’s Clean Power Plan will be finalised early next week. [BBC] The oil giant also said it would cut  6,500 jobs as the drop in oil and gas prices hinders its vast global exploration and production operations. [The NY Times] U.S. stocks traded in a narrow… Keep reading →


If you drive around the Lone Star State, you’re sure to see bumper stickers that say, “Texas: Bigger than France.” It references an ongoing debate about which “country” is bigger (something Texans feel very strongly about), but a closer look (aka, a quick Google search) reveals Texas and France are roughly equivalent in size. This,… Keep reading →

biofuel problems

Tiny algae organisms have big potential for America’s clean energy future. These microscopic green machines convert sunlight into energy, storing it in the form of natural oils that can be extracted to fuel planes, cars and trains. It’s estimated that under the right conditions, algae could produce up to 60 times more oil per acre… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

When New York officially banned hydraulic fracturing in late June 2015, many assumed the long-heated political debate was over and there would be no fracing in New York unless the courts overturned the ban.


Given the global political, economic, and corporate forces involved in drilling for oil in the Arctic it is… cute that 13 Greenpeace activists and a “coalition of kayaks” think they can effect meaningful change. Yesterday, Greenpeace choked off the shipping channel on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon to stop Royal Dutch Shell from getting… Keep reading →

Oil frack something

The prospect of oil prices falling below $40 receded earlier this year amid a crude rally, but with futures sliding again, investors shouldn’t rule out a three-handle, Again Capital founding partner John Kilduff said Thursday. “Christmas time we’ll probably be rebounding off new lows off of the mid to low 30s,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk… Keep reading →

German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needs

With utility service providers increasingly joining the smart systems movement, it has become clear that continued progress greatly depends upon customer buy-in, either through rate cases or the customers’ own installation of smart devices at the home. Creative education efforts can place customers in a partnership role with utilities and can help users understand the… Keep reading →


Determining how much electricity your appliances and home electronics use can help you understand how much money you are spending to use them. Use the information below to estimate how much electricity an appliance is using and how much the electricity costs so you can decide whether to invest in a more energy-efficient appliance. There… Keep reading →

Scottish Windfarm Starts Producing Electricity

Germany has hit a new milestone by using solar, wind, and other sources of renewable to meet 78 percent of its energy demand for a given day. [Yahoo News] French energy giant Total recent net profits dropped 4 percent in the second quarter as higher production helped offset a steep drop in the price of oil. [ABC/AP]… Keep reading →

House Votes On Full Passage Of Keystone Pipeline

On July 21, the Senate Finance Committee approved by a vote of 23 to 3 a bipartisan tax bill to renew for two years more than 50 expiring and expired tax provisions known as “tax extenders.”

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