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Energy Saver Trick-or-Treat Guide: 5 Myths Debunked

Energy Saver Trick-or-Treat Guide: 5 Myths Debunked

Do you prefer to save energy because it benefits the climate or your wallet? Or perhaps you’d rather stay in the dark. Do not be tricked and kick your standby habit at home. Our ‘digital economy’ – with billions of networked devices such as smart phones, tablets and set-top boxes – demands increasing amounts of… Keep reading →

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Work Crew Installs Solar Power Panels In Santa Monica

Several states across the country are joining the Department of Energy to celebrate National Weatherization Day. Observed each October 30, National Weatherization Day is a chance to highlight the important work performed by the Energy Department’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) network over the last 40 years. Through WAP, the Energy Department provides funding to states, territories and… Keep reading →

Ford Electric Car Plant Builds Electric Focus And Hybrid Vehicles

A California public utility has brought the largest battery energy storage in North America online. Funded partially by federal stimulus funds, Southern California Edison’s Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of large-scale battery storage systems.

Southern California Edison Company is the largest electricity supply company in Southern California. As part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the utility won funding to develop a major battery energy storage system (or BESS). The Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage project consists of an array of lithium-ion batteries capable of storing 32 megawatt-hours, deliverable as an 8 megawatt stream of energy for 4 hours. The LG Chem batteries rely on the same lithium-ion cells installed in battery packs for General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle, and feature 608,832 individual battery cells arrayed in 10,872 battery modules and 604 battery racks. Along with two 4MW/4.5MVA smart inverters, the project will be housed in a 6,300 square foot facility sited at SCE’s existing Monolith substation.

Spindletop Oil Well Centennial

Many were praising the wisdom of the vertically integrated oil company business model pioneered by John D. Rockefeller Sr. when ExxonMobil and Chevron today posted higher than expected third quarter earnings that were buoyed by their downstream operations. Oil price decreases weighed on upstream performance, which is typically where these companies generate most of their… Keep reading →

Yukos Oil and Gas Company

Planned TransCanada Pipeline Would Allow Gulf Access, CEO Says The Wall Street Journal: A planned Trans- Canada Corp. oil pipeline designed to ship crude from Western Canada to Eastern Canadian refineries could also be used to access the Gulf Coast, creating an end-run around U.S. permitting delays for the Keystone XL pipeline, according to the company’s… Keep reading →

marcellus output

Marcellus shale gas producer Range Resources reported record production of 1.2 billion cubic feet per day equivalent of natural gas, but getting that gas to higher-value markets is proving a bigger challenge than producing it. “Executives quoted forecasts showing that between mid-2015 and 2018, pipeline companies are expected to add 34 Bcf/d of midstream capacity.… Keep reading →


Energy Secretary Moniz to Keynote ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit Henry Paulson, Janet Napolitano, Doyle N. Beneby, Nancy Pfund, Lyndon Rive, Patricia Woertz Will Also Address Summit Attendees WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Energy today announced that Secretary Ernest Moniz will serve as a keynote speaker for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s (ARPA-E) Energy Innovation Summit, which… Keep reading →

EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Potentially New and Improved?

EPA Admin Gina McCarthy Announces New Regulations Under Obama's Climate Action Plan

On Tuesday, EPA issued a Notice of Data Availability, requesting further comment on some specific issues that have been raised since it published its draft Clean Power Plan in June. My immediate reaction? My head hurts.

Cofferdam In Three Gorges Ready For Blasting

The 10 largest power plants in the world – in terms of total installed capacity – are all massive hydro or nuclear installations, with the top 5 located in China and South America. The fact that these are all zero-carbon power sources highlights the challenge of meeting climate-change goals without nuclear power. It’s been said… Keep reading →

Sun Blankets New York City, Ahead Of Cold Front Returning Despite Start Of Spring

NY Green Bank’s initial transactions will produce more than $800M in investments supporting clean energy projects that would annually avoid 575,000 tons of carbon emissions. On October 22, 2014, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the NY Green Bank’s first seven transactions, which – supported and agreed to in principle – will produce more… Keep reading →

Demolition Begins On Original Bay Bridge Span Damaged By Earthquake

A new report released by the Canadian Pembina Institute and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions looks at British Columbia’s (B.C.) liquefied natural gas (LNG) strategy to serve the lucrative Asian gas market through the prism of global climate change in a carbon-constrained world. “Natural gas is often described as a bridge fuel. The question… Keep reading →

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