World Resources Institute

Global CO2 Levels Reach Unprecedented Monthly Highs

All these climate-related emissions goals! It’s hard to keep track sometimes. The World Resources Institute was out on Wednesday with a new report on how the United States can hit a 2025 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels. This is the pledge that President Obama has made, outlined… Keep reading →

Aerials of U.S.-Canada Border Along The Niagara River

EPA encourages contingency plans as Southwest, Lower Mississippi Basin, and Florida appear to be on unsustainable water use trajectories. EPA has issued a new report on the Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy with the aim of (1) raising awareness of water’s importance to U.S. economic welfare and (2) assembling critical information to sustainably… Keep reading →

Obama Administration Authorizes EPA To Tighten Regulation Of Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled its proposal for Clean Air Act standards to limit carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants on Friday. The agency also announced that it has begun coordinating with state and local governments, industries and non-profit organizations to establish carbon dioxide emissions standards for existing power plants. “Power plants are the… Keep reading →